Simon & Garfunkel song hits home for Coldwell Banker

Like Simon & Garfunkel? Really who doesn’t? Tapping into that, creative boutique agency, Siltanen & Partners has just released an emotion-stirring, blockbuster commercial for their longtime real estate client Coldwell Banker.  The :60 second spot will debut on March 17th and play throughout the men’s college basketball’s upcoming 2020 March Madness tournament.

The epic spot titled “Guiding You Home” features Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel’s original recording of “Homeward Bound” and uniquely weaves the riveting voices of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel with those of over 50 different actors. 

The spot was filmed, edited and produced by Siltanen & Partner’s in-agency production company. “Our team did an outstanding job of organizing, planning, shooting, and bringing everything together.  We covered an enormous amount of ground and shot everything from planes, trains and automobiles…to boats, motorcycles and trucks.  Piecing all of this together and making it so the music worked seamlessly was truly a labor of love,” said Rob Siltanen, agency founder and Creative Director. Watch the 1:20 version below:

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“The commercial was designed to be a patchwork quilt of sorts.  We wanted to take the stories of very different individuals and then sew them together with the song and the universal desire we all have to be in the comfort of our own homes. We felt there was no better way than by using Simon & Garfunkel’s legendary hit from the ’60s. ‘Homeward Bound’ is perhaps the greatest song about home that’s ever been written,”  Siltanen said.

The spot also represents the first time that Coldwell Banker’s new north star logo will appear in a commercial.  The new logo and brand refresh were also created by Siltanen & Partners.  Added Siltanen, “We wanted to introduce the new mark in a big way and we believe this was the perfect way to do just that.”

Says David Marine, Coldwell Banker CMO, “A home is truly unlike anything else and we’ve always understood its importance in people’s lives more than any other company. This commercial speaks to our uniquely rich heritage and represents the heart we have for this profession.  The first time I saw the spot, it really hit me.  We’ve shared it with many others and the feeling is clearly widespread.”

The commercial will appear on television and online in various formats including short and extended length versions.

Of note, S&P’s work for Coldwell Banker consistently rates as the most effective in the real estate industry according to Ace Metrix, the leading industry authority on advertising effectiveness.

SOURCE: Siltanen & Partners