SheaMoisture’s new campaign comes naturally

(Four Women by Alexis Eke)

SheaMoisture has just unveiled a bold new brand campaign that proudly celebrates the beauty and resilience of Black women—one of the brands key consumer bases. 

Set against the backdrop of both a global social justice movement and a moment of transformative cultural change, SheaMoisture’s all new “It Comes Naturally” platform was created to convey the essence of Black women in an unapologetic portrayal of a shared experience of resilience and creativity.

Created by BBDO NY and polycultural marketing firm, JOY Collective, “It Comes Naturally” is a forward-looking celebration of Black female culture and identity.

The campaign features the work of six Black female artists – Monica Ahanonu, Rachelle Baker, Bisa Butler, Alexis Eke, Linda Mawala, and Reyna Noriega – who were commissioned to create a distinctive campaign, portrayed in rich illustrations, that brings to life the stories, legacy, and heritage carried by Black women through the generations. Watch below:

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The work amplifies the brand’s groundbreaking pledge to dedicate proceeds from every single purchase as direct investments to Black women entrepreneurs.

It is the first brand work to come from this team since winning SheaMoisture in early 2020. The work was created by a dynamic team of Black and multicultural writers, artists, editors, and music composers—see below for full credit details.  

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:30 and :15 versions of the film will run on TV and online beginning this week, along with corresponding digital banners and in-store displays. 

“It Comes Naturally” Credits 

SheaMoisture It Comes Naturally Campaign Credits



  • Chief Executive Officer: Kelli Richardson Lawson
  • President & COO: Orlena Nwokah Blanchard
  • Creative Director: Melanie Moore
  • Executive Producer: Caralene Robinson
  • SVP, Strategy & Client Services: Camille Blanchard
  • VP of Marketing: Ashley Grayson
  • VP, Operations & Business Affairs: Jane Quilter
  • Marketing Coordinator: Maya Hall
  • Copywriter: Bryna Jean-Marie
  • Digital Developer: Henry Jones
  • UX Strategy & Design: Rachel Harris-Evans
  • Marketing Coordinator: Lizzy Cadle
  • Graphic Designer: Jessica Taveras


  • Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
  • Executive Creative Director: Daniela Vojta
  • Executive Creative Director: Susan Young
  • Copywriter: Oyinda Oluwa
  • Designer: Melanie Coyne
  • Designer: Amy Cruz
  • Executive Producer: Melissa Tifrere
  • Production Manager: Tatiana Lanier
  • Senior Business Affairs Manager: Heather Weissman
  • SVP, Senior Director: Khari Mpagazehe                            
  • Account Manager: Valentina Hernández-Alizo
  • SVP, Project Management Director: Stella Warkman
  • Planning Director: Kristin Tolbert
  • Junior Planner: Kamillah Collins
  • Design Strategist: Naja Bomani

ART (In order of first appearance): 

  • Bisa Butler
  • Reyna Noriega 
  • Linda Mawala
  • Rachelle Baker
  • Alexis Eke
  • Monica Ahanonu


  • Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
  • Group Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
  • Art Director: Debora Cruchon
  • Executive Producer: Joe Nash
  • Head of Production: Kitty Dillard
  • Producer: Jess Pierik
  • Storyboard: Debora Cruchon, Thea Glad, Mercy Lomelin
  • Design: Debora Cruchon
  • Senior 3D Lead: John Karian
  • Lighting/Composite Lead: Chris Ribar  
  • 3D Modeling: Filipe Machado, Bryan Eck
  • Rigging: Ernesto Ruiz Velasco
  • Look Development/Lighting: Chris Ribar, Ylli Orana, Shane O’Hara, Joy Tien, John Karian,
  • 3D Animation: John Karian, Kevin Nguyen, Anton Tokar
  • Senior Animation Lead: Mercy Lomelin
  • 2D Animation: Vero Gomez, Mercy Lomelin
  • Cel Animation: Lizzi Akana, Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma, Thea Glad, Mercy Lomelin
  • Animation Intern: Delainey Cummins, Nicole Pappas

MUSIC: Big Sync Music

  • Music Title: SheaMoisture “It Comes Naturally” 
  • Composer: Crystal Caines 
  • Music Supervisor: Alex Menck 
  • Music Coordinator: Breanna McFarlane 

AUDIO: Sonic Union

  • Voice over Artist: Mia Bankston 
  • Mix Engineer: David Papa
  • Studio Director: Justine Cortale