Here’s the scoop: SharkNinja’s Ninja CREAMi taps Hulu for new campaign

(The new Ninja CREAMI)

Consumers have access to more content at their fingertips, all available on their own terms, and binge viewing is on the rise. In response to that behavior, Hulu designed its Binge ad format, which uses machine learning to predict when viewers are likely to start bingeing a show, creating a unique experience connecting brands with binge-watchers.

In fact, in the last 6 months, 84% of Hulu’s audience has binge-watched at least one show. Universal McCann, Reprise and Ninja leaned into this unique and custom opportunity to connect with viewers around Ninja’s latest innovation, the Ninja CREAMi, which transforms almost any ingredient into a frozen treat.  

The “Here’s the Scoop” campaign features custom creative and the execution seamlessly ties together a contextually relevant story around the intersection of show binging behavior and the easy, 3-step process of crafting crave-able creations with the Ninja CREAMi.

The audience is introduced to each step of the process – prepping and freezing, creamifying, then scooping and enjoying as they fall deeper into a delightfully indulgent binge one episode at a time. After watching the third binge ad episode – the cherry on top – viewers are presented with a reward via QR code for savings on the purchase of their very own Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker. Watch below:

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UM, Reprise and Ninja leaned in to the unique and custom opportunity to connect with viewers, while telling a sequential story that complements the ease in Ninja™ CREAMi™’s three-step process and boundless customization options. 

Reprise Digital’s Addressable Content Engine crafted overarching creative strategy and produced unique edits for the 7- second binge slates and :30s (Ninja® -branded content). Disney CreativeWorks – the full-service branded content studio and creative agency — produced the teasers (Hulu branded content) and helped implement on the Hulu platform. 



  • Ashley Eckerlin, SVP – Commercial Strategy, Planning & Analytics
  • Brian Gill, Director, Global Media Strategy & Planning
  • Ashley Santiago, Sr. Media Coordinator 
  • Sasha Hartman, SVP Director, Global Creative and Digital
  • Allie Chartoff, Sr. Director, Global Content 
  • Samantha Blair, Sr. Manager, Influencer & PR  
  • Dena Kowaloff, Sr. Director of Marketing, Ninja Motorized 
  • Stephen Tasker, Sr. Brand Marketing Manager 
  • Celeste Popitz, Marketing Specialist 

AGENCY: Universal McCann

  • Brian Elliott, SVP, Managing Director, Partner Programs
  • Stephanie Insdorf, SVP, Client Business Partner
  • Alexis Damino, VP, Partner, Integrated Planning
  • Lauren Dezenski, VP, Partner, Strategy
  • Katie Dillon, Manager, Integrated Planning
  • Caitlin Falletich, Sr. Associate, Integrated Planning 
  • Alison Kirsche, Partner, Integrated Investment
  • Vincent Merlino, SVP, Group Partner, Integrated Investment
  • Justin Gonzalez, Manager, Integrated Investment
  • Niki Lawrence, VP, Partner, Research & Analytics
  • Rebecca Cagan, Associate Director, Decision Sciences
  • Mauricio Moron, Associate, Integrated Media 
  • Thomas, Whittaker, Associate, Integrated Media 
  • Reprise Digital’s Addressable Content Engine    
  • Suraj Gandhi, SVP, Group Director, Addressable Content 
  • Mel Stern, VP, Group Director, Addressable Content Strategy
  • Mike Crawford, Director, Addressable Content Strategy
  • Jason Chiusano, VP, Director, Addressable Content Production 
  • Christina Smith, Associate Creative Director, Digital Art 
  • Alex Nieman, Copywriter 
  • Joseph Tagle, Group Director, Addressable Technologies 
  • LuKenn Wong, Director of Technology MBWW

Disney Ad Sales

  • Wendell Scott, SVP Sales
  • Patrick Collins, VP Sales
  • Tori Fernandes, VP, Communications
  • Liz Levy, VP Branded Entertainment
  • Steve Cuddy, Director Addressable Sales
  • Kate Smith, Account Executive Addressable Sales
  • Jamie Przekop, Executive Director Client Connect 
  • Nancy Diaz, Senior Manager Branded Entertainment
  • Becky Knecht, Senior Manager Client Connect
  • Christian Robinson, Video Producer/Editor
  • Brianne Trosie, Team Lead Market Operations