Salina EsTitties, Heidi N’ Closet wants Karens to STFU

(It’s time for Karens to STFU in new video)

Bet you didn’t know you needed this today. Inspired by the political landscape of our times, celebrated drag artist Salina EsTitties joins forces with Rupaul’s Drag Race star Heidi N’ Closet in an eccentric music video that challenges the controversial mind set of the infamous “Karen.”

You know, those annoying women found in Wal-marts, Starbucks and CVS.

With a multi-dimensional sense of imagination, Salina and award-winning Director-Producer duo Assaad Yacoub & Alex Lampsos guide viewers through various settings that further demonstrate the absurdity of Karen’s behavior while highlighting the racial injustices that have defined 2020’s socio-political climate.

In STFU Karen, viewers are catapulted into an industrial world that introduces a problematic “Karen” to a group of diverse bystanders, only to then receive inevitable backlash for her outrageous “I want to speak to the manager” demands.

Cutting to a make-shift classroom, a localized protest with Heidi N’ Closet at the center, and a vibrant, neon-esque warehouse for the climactic dance number, Salina and Yacoub bring social justice to the front line with a dynamic sense of artistic flair. Have a look:

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See you did need that. Salina placed trust in Yacoub and Lampsos, known for their worldwide release of Cherry Pop on Netflix and bringing to life over 30 Drag Race music videos. 

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Distinctively painted through Yacoub’s directing strokes, and elevated in production value by Lampsos, the eclectic music video / short film hybrid is a larger-than-life reflection of the rich artistry harbored within the team.


  • Director: Assaad Yacoub
  • Producer: Alex Lampsos 
  • Director of Photography: Ilya Chegodar
  • Post: Luka Stemberger
  • Guest Stars: Heidi N Closet, Leilani Lopez, Taryn Balenciaga, Kornbread Jete, Marta Beatchu, Emmanuel Lopez Alonso, Mandoh, Hershii LiqCour, Ronald Keaton, Jake Kale, Godoy, Janet Gorman, David Naro
  • Choreography: Preston Mui
  • Dancers: Cerise Marchan, Lauren Santos

Filmed on location at Vintage Junction LA.

SOURCE: Lampsos