Rosetta Stone has a word for everything

Rosetta Stone
(Courtesy Duncan Channon)

At a time when many Americans are finally taking to the skies for much-postponed international vacations, Rosetta Stone releases the new “There’s a Word for That” campaign. It’s the first work by their new creative agency of record Duncan Channon

The new national campaign “There’s a Word for That,” reintroduces Rosetta Stone as a modern language learning brand at a time when it faces competition from challenger apps and the trend towards gamification. “There’s a Word for That” is inspired by the relatable experience of finding the perfect word to describe that familiar feeling you’ve never quite been able to.”

He adds, “For nearly 30 years, Rosetta Stone has offered the world’s most effective language learning experience, helping everyone from casual learners to language enthusiasts make deeper connections with the world,” shared Paul Mishkin, CEO of IXL Learning, Rosetta Stone’s parent company.

“When we were looking for a partner to develop fresh new ways to show how fun and approachable it is to learn with Rosetta Stone, Duncan Channon impressed us with their thoughtful creativity and humorous approach. We are excited to kick off our partnership with this clever campaign so that people from all walks of life are inspired to pick up another language with Rosetta Stone.”

The campaign reminds the audience how satisfying learning a language can be — even if it’s just one word or phrase. Two TV spots “The Appointment” and “Turf War” unfold like quirky indie short films, using physical comedy that translates across languages and cultures. Watch below:


“Everyone knows language learning is a process that takes time and effort, so we made an intentional choice to tell playful stories that focus on the other side of the coin — the joy that comes with even small wins in a new language,” said Kelly McCullough, creative director, Duncan Channon. ‘There’s a Word for That’ shows how satisfying it is to strike upon the perfect word or phrase in comedic vignettes that mark a fresh approach for the legacy brand.” 

The clever spots are directed by RSA Films’ Marie Schuller, who is best known for her character-driven fashion and beauty work. In the stories, words in different languages are featured like main characters. Rather than imposing the typography digitally in post-production, the words are painted, printed, stamped and embroidered into the physical set — adding cinematic detail. Intentionally inclusive, the spots feature voice talent from Belgium, Canada, Egypt, England, Nigeria and The Philippines. The result is a multicultural tapestry of voices from around the world.

“Duncan Channon asked us to turn these Rosetta Stone concepts into playful and strange movie trailers of foreign films that never happened. From that moment I knew this was going to be a fun project. I pushed for shooting 16mm film for a look that works perfectly with the cinematic feel of our worlds and highlights the charming ingenuity of our films. It’s massively rewarding for a director to work with creativity-led agencies like Duncan Channon,” adds Marie Schuller.

The campaign includes TV, digital video and paid social media including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Duncan Channon also handled the media strategy and buying, which targets active language learners as well as those with a variety of cultural interests.  


CLIENT: Rosetta Stone

  • CEO: Paul Mishkin
  • COO: Jennifer Gu
  • VP of Marketing: Jessica Lee
  • VP of Digital Marketing: John Barth

AGENCY: Duncan Channon

  • Executive creative director: Anne Elisco-Lemme
  • Creative director: Kelly McCullough
  • Associate creative director: Madeline Lambie
  • Art director: Luis Gonzalez
  • Associate director of strategy: Suzanne Montgomery
  • Brand strategist: Adam Flynn
  • CEO + Partner: Andy Berkenfield
  • Account director: Jamie Katz
  • Associate account director + Equity manager: Valerie Nerio
  • Account manager: Sarah Nassar
  • Senior Project manager: Arista Ware II
  • Group director of comms planning + paid social: Emily McCormick
  • Director of data + technology: Robert Griffin
  • Associate director of paid social: Sam Sickles
  • Communications planning supervisor: Michelle Gomez
  • Senior data analyst: Paul Callaway
  • Communications planner: Kacey Hsu
  • Digital media manager: Tilden Oliver
  • Communications planning associate: Sara Wiler
  • Paid social media associate: Jessica Pressman 
  • Head of tv and content production: Keenan Hemje
  • Executive producer: Rita Ribera Channon 
  • Executive producer: Susan Crimely 


  • Director: Marie Schuller
  • RSA US President: Luke Ricci
  • Executive Producer: Matilde Ramos Pinto
  • Head of Production: Carolyn Pedrossian
  • Producer: Julie Sawyer
  • Producer: Laura Diez
  • Director of photography: Carlos Feher
  • Production Designer: Jon Blud
  • Wardrobe: Isabel Greece


SOUND DESIGN: Handsome Sound

  • Sound Design/Mix: Eben Carr
  • Music Composition: Dario Tatoli

EDIT: The Den

  • Editor: Katie Cali
  • Assistant Editor: Stephen Shirk
  • Producer: Marta Navarrete
  • Colorist: Gabe Sanchez
  • Lead Flame Artist: Game Sanchez
  • Flame Assist: Denley Ryan
  • Finishing Producer: Lamont Lamar
  • Executive Producer: Jennifer Mersis
  • Managing Director: Vic Palumbo

Translation/transadaptation/VO casting: International Contact

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