Republic Editorial brings sister companies under banner

(New branding)

Republic Editorial announces the consolidation of its sister companies – production arm Threaded Pictures and animation/design arm Infinite Fiction – under the banner of Republic

The move rebrands the studios as Republic Productions and Republic Design, and fully integrates them with Republic Editorial for a robust and unified turn-key Republic solution for advertisers and marketers.

Republic and its studios maintain their space in Uptown Dallas – including traditional production offices and post-production suites – while also offering virtual capabilities to work anywhere in the world through the latest remote production and post technology.

“Combining our three sister companies’ superpowers into one brand levels up multiple aspects of our work,” says Keith James, Republic Partner and Senior Editor. “In addition to gains in both external and internal operational efficiencies, a consolidated framework gives us a simplified message to share with prospective new clients as we continue to expand into new markets. As a brand built on two things – creativity and collaboration – moves like this amplify everything we do”.

From a leadership standpoint, Republic Productions will continue to be led by current AICP Southwest President Brian Hwang, who helmed Threaded Pictures as its EP since their founding in 2019. Industry veteran Amy Aitken will move from her role as Infinite Fiction’s EP to the same position at Republic Design. Company co-founder and Partner Carrie Callaway will continue her role as Managing Director for Republic Editorial.  

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“It is such a benefit to have leaders like Brian and Amy teaming up with us to push the expansion of both our overall brand and their individual studios” says Callaway. “Their experience helps us maintain the premium quality service we are known for all the way from a project’s kick-off up to its final delivery.” 

“I am really stoked about the doors that this consolidation opens up for the studios and our roster,“ says Hwang.  “Since coming over to launch Republic’s live-action division, I’ve seen first-hand what efforts our ownership has made to diversify both our company’s capabilities and our clientele while also adapting to the evolving needs of our market. Looking at the industry and the complicated content demands of today, I have no doubt that Republic and its multi-faceted approach gives agencies the efficient creative partner they’re looking for right now.”

The development of the new look for Republic was spearheaded by Cody Clack, Republic Design’s lead Creative Director. “Having Cody and the resources at our disposal to tackle a well thought out and thorough rebranding like this shows exactly how deep our capabilities are as a design house,” says Aitken. “Although we’re mainly known for our design, animation and visual effect work, all of our artists are driven to push creative boundaries. I think the work we’ve done for this launch proudly captures all of that.”

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