Renault Kwid E-tech defends tree in new spot

(Courtesy Easy Mondays)

Director Rocio Crudo takes it to the streets with a synthesis of eco-consciousness, nostalgia, and automotive kinesis, with Renault “Tree,” created via Publicis Paris.

In the spot, a young woman discovers that an enormous old oak tree from her childhood is about to be cut down, so she races to the scene in protest, behind the wheel of her Kwid E-tech 100% electric car.    

The spot includes flashbacks to the protagonist’s childhood, when she climbed the very tree that now faces bulldozers. “In general, what I consider is the story, the emotion behind it,” noted Crudo of her process. “The first thing I ask while I’m reading a script is: ‘What is this making me feel? Do I care about the message?’ I really consider fun and fear as important factors. If the project brings a challenge, it starts to get interesting and inspiring for me. I like small and simple ideas, with a strong message…something that makes you want to share and talk about with your friends.” Watch below:


“Shooting car commercials is one of my favorite things,” Crudo said. “Each car has its own particular angle and way to bring different and unique universes together. It requires very specific techniques and equipment, with complex planification, as you design choreography and synergy amongst all the elements. It can be chaotic at first, but it’s always fun.”

Crudo said that what resonated for her in the case of “Tree” were the various elements coming together in the story, citing, “a female hero, a sustainable car, speed, the city, the trees, and social media as a trigger to propel the action forward.” 

Regarding the race-against-time driving the action, Crudo added that she particularly enjoyed collaborating with DP Agustin Claramunt, “who added all his technical and creative skills to enhance the dynamism. It underscores the classic question: ‘is she gonna make it?’”


CLIENT: Renault 

AGENCY: Publicis Paris


  • Director: Rocio Crudo (represented in the US by Easy Mondays)
  • Director of Photography: Agustin Claramunt 
  • Executive Producer Rebolucion Argentina: Pilar Capurro 
  • Executive Producer Rebolucion Brazil: Ciro Cesar Silva
  • Line Producer Rebolucion Argentina: Germán Sanchez 

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