REEL WOMEN: SpeedPro Studios’ Madison Bailey

(REEL WOMAN: Madison Bailey)

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Madison Bailey, a New Jersey resident, has worked in the printing industry for 9 years and became the owner of SpeedPro Wilmington in May 2019. For Madison, the printing industry has been her passion from the beginning.

At college in Pennsylvania, she studied graphic design and fell in love with the creative process. After graduation, she got a job at a local print shop in New Jersey, where she worked until she joined SpeedPro Wilmington in Delaware as a production manager. Under her leadership since taking over as owner, sales have more than doubled. 

Madison has a continually growing team of hardworking individuals who have helped get SpeedPro where it is today. Her favorite part about the industry is the fact that every day is different. There is always a new challenge to tackle. When Madison is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 young daughters. She also enjoys going to concerts, reading new books and coaching field hockey.

Let’s meet Madison!

What’s your origin story?

I previously ran production at SpeedPro for six years. I had always wanted to own my own business and the previous owner was ready to move on so it was the perfect opportunity for me.

How did you get into the creative industry?

I studied digital media in college. I realized I had a knack for graphic design. After school, I looked for a job where I could apply what I learned.  I started working at a local sign shop and from there realized I really liked the printing industry. Not only did it involve design, but also working with my hands and problem solving which was exciting to me.

While there will be others, what do you consider your biggest achievement to date? 

Easy – my kids! I have four little girls at home whom I am very proud of!

What drives you to create? 

I like coming in to work every day not knowing what to expect. Every day is something new and there is always a new challenge.

What shows are doing the best job of portraying strong women on TV? 

Amazon Studios’ THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL is a good one.

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Coffee, Lunch and Happy Hour. Name a famous woman you would like to attend each function with.

Definitely, Lucille Ball, because she is hilarious.

What is the biggest challenge to women in your industry? 

I haven’t faced any challenges thus far that are gender exclusive.

When you’re not creating, what do you do in your off time? 

I have a pretty big family at home to take care of. I also like coaching field hockey, reading, and going to concerts.

Predict your future! Where are you in 5 years?

Same place, but hopefully making more money!

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