REEL WOMEN: New Blank’s Erin Serletic

(Reel Woman: Erin Serletic)

When it comes to business development, Erin Serletic is in a class by herself. Her focus is knocking on doors, finding the opportunities, pitching capabilities and getting the RFP. She has a successful track record of helping companies reach their next level.

Erin is equally effective at landing new business while growing and maintaining existing relationships. Erin has a loyal client following with companies who depend on her. She’s held high level business development roles at LoyalKaspar (Branding) Stun/KNOWN (Branding, Design, Social), Dark Burn (Gameplay Capture), and The New Blank (Design-driven Production).

Her experience includes spearheading branding + integrated marketing and identity campaigns across all entertainment including networks and channels, streaming services and gaming publishers.

Projects have ranged from show packing to overall identity for launches and rebrands, game marketing, trailer assets, gameplay capture, live action and brand activations for clients such as Disney, Activision Blizzard, Riot Games, EA, Ubisoft, SYFY, Marvel, FX, VENN, NFL Networks, Amazon, AMC, Facebook, Hulu, ABC, NBC Universal, CBS and countless others.

What’s your origin story?

Grew up in a small midwest town always dreaming of moving to sunshine and excitement!

How did you get into Entertainment Marketing?

I’ll never forget the moment that I finally got the call from Craig Miller of Craig Miller Productions to come on board as a producer. I was working a late shift as a hostess in downtown Atlanta which was one of three part time jobs I had at the time.

I had no previous production experience but after much perseverance he decided to take a chance on me. I was thrilled to break into the industry. We keep in touch to this day.

Give a shout out to your mentors.

I learned so much from Craig Miller and Dave Warner while in my first two positions in Atlanta. I gained lots of valuable skills.

Most importantly, I quickly learned how to build lasting client relationships by observing their genuineness and honesty and their “client is always right” attitudes.

While there will be others, what do you consider your biggest achievement to date?

I took on a biz dev role at a small gameplay capture studio a couple of years ago and helped take them from one client and obscurity to working with many of the top gaming publishers.

How about your biggest disappointment?

When I had to abandon my big dream of becoming a TV anchor/reporter. My family wasn’t in a position to help me financially. I had a mountain of college debt to pay off so I moved into production + sales positions that paid more at the entry level.

The flexibility that I’ve enjoyed in the roles that I’ve landed instead have been a wonderful fit with motherhood. It was devastating at the time but I see it as a blessing now.

If being a woman is your superpower, how has it helped you?

Most of the time because I’m working in a male dominated industry, I’m the only woman in most of my Zoom meetings. I love being able to bring a unique voice and perspective to those conversations.

What’s your Kryptonite?

When people who are in a position to lift you up but choose to try to knock you down.

How did a combination of pandemic, Black Lives Matter and QAnon affect you?

I’m even more aware of how few women and people of color are represented in the design community. I go out of my way to prioritize diverse representation anytime we need to augment our team’s internal talent + capabilities so that we better reflect different perspectives and the world at large.

If you’re Batwoman, who’s Robin?

My husband of 20 years, Dean. He recently achieved something in his career that only a very small percentage of people do. Watching him never waiver in his passion or dedication along his long journey to success was incredibly inspiring.

It fuels me on these long pandemic days sitting at a desk. I miss being out and about interacting with clients and colleagues which is what I’ve always loved most about my work.

What’s the engine that pulls you?

The competitive nature of what we do always fuels me. There’s a lot of talented creatives working in our same space with similar strengths so the winning of projects doesn’t come easy. When I lock in a super creative, fun project, it’s very rewarding.

Climb in a time machine and tell 15-year-old you something.

Everything you’re gravitating towards right now that brings you the most joy is what you should build a career on. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to take a safer route for job security.

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