Natasha Royzina, David&Goliath’s Director of Business and Legal Affairs

Editor’s Note: They are leaders. They are inspirational. They are mentors. They are visionaries. They are, quite frankly, badasses. They are our 2020 REEL WOMEN. During Women’s History Month, you will be able to meet these incredible personalities in Advertising, Entertainment, Media and Production. Get ready, they are making “Herstory.”

Meet Natasha Royzina. This REEL WOMAN was born and raised in the Ukraine. Moved to San Francisco where she studied Law and Society at the University of California, Santa Barbara and went onto Southwestern for Law School. Clearly, Natasha gets around. Now Natasha’s killing it at award-winning David&Goliath both on the agency and production sides as the Director of Business and Legal Affairs.

Let’s meet Natasha.

What Did You Originally Want to be When You Grow Up?  When I was little, growing up in the Ukraine, I didn’t really know that “being something” was a possibility because lucrative and exciting careers weren’t a reality at the time. The first time I realized a career was possible was in 7th grade when an employment attorney (Mr. Worthington – I can’t believe I remember his last name!) came to speak in my class. I was so fascinated by law and wanted to be an employment attorney because of him. 

How Did You Get into Advertising? I graduated law school in 2010, which was an awful economic year and jobs for recent law graduates were really difficult to find. I desperately needed a job so I could start paying off my school loans and got a call from an ad agency to be an associate business affairs manager.

I was super excited to start work, even though the salary was light-years away from what I imagined an attorney would make. I’m so happy I took the job because I fell in love with the ad world and its ability to tell amazing short stories. 

Who Were Your Mentors? A couple of law school professors who guided me through competitions on the negotiations team, some amazing executive producers who made me believe in myself, and my family.

Name Your Biggest Achievement Learning to love myself – going from being a very anxious person, especially in social situations, to coming into my own skin personally and professionally. I can finally stand in front of a room and give advice and contribute to every project that I’m on, knowing that what I’m saying adds value to that room.

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Biggest Disappointment It’s disappointing that many adults treat each other so poorly in the work place. I’ve had jobs in the past where instead of working together, grown-ups compete and treat each other with so much disrespect. It’s really disappointing and sucks that we are teaching younger generations to act like that, despite all the other terrible stuff going on in the world.

Name Your Biggest Pet Peeves People not being able to apologize for their mistakes, making others feel inferior, and not treating everyone, regardless of position (at work or in life) with respect.

Predictions for Advertising over the Next Decade A lot more privacy regulations in advertising, an even heavier focus on influencers and YouTubers, and way more organic and UGC content.

Name a Job You Had that Would Surprise People I worked at Blenders, a smoothie shop at UCSB. Everyone who knows me knows I’m super clumsy and pouring giant cups of liquid doesn’t make sense.

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Which Marvel or DC Superhero Do You Get to Play? We’re Judging. Black Widow – A Russian Spy, yes please!

Do You Talk to Yourself? Yes, All the time. When I was a kid talking to myself, my mom would walk by and say “Oh I see you’re talking to a very smart person.” She was being sarcastic but I like to think there was some truth in that.

What do You Wish You had More Time for? I think I have time to do most things I want to do, but use being busy as an excuse not to do them. I have two dogs that are very difficult to leave because they are very cuddly and adore me, but if I were to leave them for an hour, I would go work out.

What Inspires You to be Creative? Anything beautiful or interesting that I see. If I go to a dance show, I’ll want to make up my own dance. If I see an amazing flower arrangement, I’ll want to go home and make one right away. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on just one project at a time because my mind is always racing and appreciating the beauty all around us.  

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