Cloé Bailly, Writer and Director

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Bonjour, Cloé Bailly. This talented REEL WOMAN is a French film director and screenwriter based in Paris. Shortly after graduating from La Sorbonne, she began gaining attention for her witty, funny, and stylish films. With a comedy style that is unique and very recognizable, she captures real-life moments with authenticity, accompanied by a sense of irony and absurdity.

Cloé has directed films for an array of international clients including The Cannes Film Festival, Burger King, Canal+, BMW, Huawei, Contrex, Gucci, Le Palais de Tokyo, and Vogue. In 2017, she won Gold at Cannes YDA.

In 2020, Cloé will shoot her first feature, the adaptation of Zep’s comic-strip, Happy Sex. Cloé is repped by AKKURAT Studios in Germany, Caviar in France, Hobby Film in Scandinavia, and LANDIA in South America. She is a proud member of Free the Bid, giving a voice to women filmmakers in film and advertising.

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Let’s meet Cloé

What Did You Originally Want to be When You Grow Up? Many things. Opera Singer, Actress, French Teacher or Lawyer. Pretty eclectic.

How Did You Get into Film? After briefly being a production assistant and assistant director, I figured out I wanted to direct, myself. I helped a director friend of mine in LA for a while, mainly learned from him and his crew, and started shooting little stuff on my own.  Little by little, I gained the interest of small brands. Then commissions got bigger, and then I was offered representation by several production companies, which is when shit gets real. ☺

(Credit: Juliette Abitbol)

Who Were Your Mentors? My producers at Caviar Paris, Céline Roubaud and Florence Jacob. Both are experienced and skilled producers but also passionate about the craft. They taught me so much.

Name Your Biggest Achievement Signing my first feature film contract.

Biggest Disappointment Some gigs I didn’t win.

Name Your Biggest Pet Peeves Getting music video briefs such as “we need a concept that has NEVER been done before.” 

Predictions for Film over the Next Decade There will be less money and more competition. On the bright side, there will be more women in the industry and leading the industry.

(Credit: Juliette Abitbol)

Name a Job You Had that Would Surprise People Delivery girl at Pizza Hut. My first job ever. 

What do You Wish You had More Time for? Think well. 

Do You Talk to Yourself? A lot. I work mostly by myself so you can imagine I’m prematurely turning senile. I also talk a lot to my dog; we’re having pretty deep convos when he’s in the mood. 

What Inspires You to be Creative? Watch plenty of movies, series, music videos, ads. Read a lot. And chill. It’s basically when I don’t force myself to be creative and when I chill down that I have my best ideas.

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