D&G asks its employees to take mental health day

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In honor of ‘National Mental
Illness Awareness Week,’
agency hopes to
mental health
within the agency

One in five people living in the U.S. experience mental illness (NAMI). This comes out to astounding 43.8 million people. According to CNN, for those in creative professions, that number is even higher.

Yet, 63% don’t get the support or help they need. This is primarily due to the stigma associated with it.

To shed light on this jarring statistic and help de-stigmatize mental health, David&Goliath today announced it will add one floating PTO day to the current benefits package and name it Mental Health Day.

In 2018, every employee will get a Mental Health Day off of their choosing in addition to their sick, personal and vacation time.

“For so long mental illness has been considered a taboo topic. Shame, fear and lack of understanding has prevented people from getting the support they need. They suffer alone and the result is devastating,” said David Angelo, founder & chairman of creative agency David&Goliath.

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He added, “It’s a big public health problem, and one that impacts the creative community at large. The sooner we can get people talking about it, the sooner there will be programs that address the issue and provide widespread help. While there’s so much to do on a broader scale, we decided to do what we can within the walls of our agency. By spotlighting it here, we’re not only saying it’s okay to talk about it, but also showing our people it’s important to take care of themselves.”

In addition to a Mental Health Day, the agency will also be offering mental health seminars such as Mood and Food, that helps participants define, identify and develop skills to manage emotional eating; and Stress Management, a seminar that discusses the impact of stress and ways to reduce it.

“Then in 2019 and beyond, we’re committed to forging a brave, new path, to help shape mental health standards across our entire industry,” Angelo added.

We usually cover D&G for their creative prowess. This goes beyond that. The REEL360 team believes this is very forward thinking in a field that is rife with stress. We hope other agencies follow suit.