Tony Sculfield, Comedian and Radio Personality

Editor’s Note: “The Reel Black List” is our annual spotlight of brothers and sisters in the worlds of advertising, film, TV, music, radio and media who are making a difference through their contributions and creativity. For the next 29 days, you will be able to celebrate these various personalities with us.

With over 25 years of experience in comedy and 15 years in broadcasting, Tony Sculfield is one of the most respected talents in both fields.  With a rich blend of experience in television and radio, his professionalism and unique talent has made him a favorite on comedy stages, radio airwaves and television screens for years in cities such as Chicago and now, San Francisco.

He has toured for over two decades and worked with the likes of Steve Harvey, Mike Epps, Jamie Foxx, D.L. Hughley, Deon Cole, Dave Chappelle, Sommore and many others. He has earned a reputation among management, peers, viewers and listeners as someone who brings new dynamics into broadcasts, and is always in tune with public needs and wants.

Here we get to know Tony a little bit better:

What did you originally want to be when you grow up? I originally wanted to be the next Stephen King. I started reading his books at age 10. (A little weird for a 10 yr. old) I really thought i would be like him. I wrote a few short horror stories. Maybe I’ll put them out one day.

How did you get into Comedy and Radio? I got into Comedy/Radio from my love of writing. I attended the Second City E.T.C. in Chicago and began radio shortly there after. Being a writer I think has helped me in both careers.

Who were your mentors? Bernie Mac, Robert Townsend, the late James Hannah who was a brilliant comic/writer from Chicago. Of course I grew up on Richard Pryor, George Carlin and Eddie Murphy as well. 

Biggest Achievement. Being nominated in 2018 for a Marconi Award for Major Market Personality Of The Year. I didn’t win but it was a great honor.

Biggest Disappointment. Being let go after 15 years of service at WGCI in Chicago. It was my first radio firing and it was so impersonal. I’ll never forget the feeling.

Name your biggest Pet Peeve. My pet peeve is people who feel that they can do whatever they see someone else doing, without knowing the hard work or sacrifice it takes to do it. It’s easy to laugh at Curling during the Olympics until it’s you on the ice.

Predictions for Radio Over Next 10 Years. I’m not sure where radio will be in 10 years. It’s scary. However I do feel confident about comedy with more outlets becoming available for comics to be seen and discovered.

Name a Job You Had That Would Surprise People. I actually worked at The Chicago Board Of Trade and The Chicago Mercantile Exchange for 7 years as an out trade and arbitrage clerk.i could’ve been like The Wolf Of Wall Street.

What Famous Actor Plays You in Your Life Story? Dave Chapelle. I’m constantly being told i remind people of him. we have similar mannerisms I guess.

What Do You Wish You Had More Time to Do? I wish I had more time to write a novel.

What Drives You to Create? To me creativity is a release. It allows me to vent and relieve outside pressure. Everyday starts as an empty canvas. It’s up to you to make it a work of art.

Be sure to follow Tony and The Morning Drive Team Monday-Friday 5am –10am on KBLX-FM in San Francisco.