Nike reinvents the shoe drop for Super Bowl activation

_Nike Air Drop

Whoa, the ATL did not see this rain coming.

As a part of Nike Football’s “Dreams Are Made Here” activation at Super Bowl LIII, the Portland-based athletic brand made it rain Air Force 1s (and jerseys) from the Cloud with its first-ever shoe drop using AirDrop.

Created by digital creative agency, AnalogFolk, the AOR for Nike Football and partners Fugo Studios and photographer Ray Gordon, the customized activation took place on Friday, Feb 1 at the brand’s “Studio of Dreams” space in Atlanta.

Imagine: You’re in the studio checking out the experience. You get an AirDrop from “Nike Studio of Dreams.” Do you accept?

Duh. Of course you do. If you didn’t then your FOMO would come true. Those who did answer received a video explaining what it was that just dropped – a unique, 1:1 experience including a custom jersey designed by one of four top Atlanta designers – Dr. Dax, Zipporah Joel, Debbi Snax and FRKO.

Watch a customization session at Atlanta boutique A Ma Maniere to design a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers below:

Nike / AirDrop1 from AnalogFolk on Vimeo.

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“AirDrop is an underutilized functionality that’s simple to use. No brand has really leveraged its power in a way that’s not just for ‘shock’ value,” said Carren O’Keefe, Partner/ECD of AnalogFolk.

She continued, “With AirDrop1 we wanted to create a drop that matched the energy and creativity of Atlanta. It was an opportunity to share some of Nike’s most elite experiences with the people of the city. It was all about being at the right place, at the right time. It could have been anyone. After all, dreams are made here.”

Source: AnalogFolk