RA Sushi serves up first-ever Spiked Saki Roll


Time to drink our spicy tuna!

In celebration of nationwide sushi brand RA Sushi’s 21st anniversary, it has joined forces with Atlanta-based full-service agency, Chemistry to create the first of its kind: alcohol-infused sushi roll.

RA Sushi is known for its inventive sushi rolls and creative cocktails served in a fun and sexy environment and there is no better way to celebrate turning 21 than with a dish that you need proof of age to order.

Hello, Spiked Sake Roll!

The intriguing roll is a tuna-based roll that is enhanced with TYKU Red Flower sake and served over a bamboo leaf. To complete the dish, the alcohol-infused sushi roll is served with sake dipping sauce and as such, all guests must be 21 years of age or older to order the menu item.

Chemistry’s campaign reinvents an exciting rite of passage – the 21st birthday – and puts a new spin on how people can celebrate with both alcohol and food. The unique Spiked Sake Roll, will be available the entire month of October.

The campaign, which includes both social (Facebook, Instagram, Waze, Sito display platform, Pandora) and PR elements, aims to increase brand awareness and subsequently in-store traffic.

Please send this roll to LA.