Reel 360’s Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Hanukkah! And we are just around the corner from Christmas and Kwanza, so it’s that time of the year to offer up the Reel 360 / Reel Chicago Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide.

To make your last minute holiday gift buying just a l’il bit easier, we’ve compiled an extensive list – and believe us when we say this was a beast to pull off – of some of the best gifts to come down the chimney.  There will be no regifting here!


Personalized Hollywood Star

Give your favorite actor, actress, writer, director or movie fan the star they deserve! From Etsy.

Price: $34.00

Personalized Retro Video Tape Print / Poster 

Help your friend or family member get their favorite films on tape—with this personalized piece of art. Just submit a list of your giftee’s most beloved movies and the Etsy store The Origami Fox will print them on an illustrated stack of retro VHS tapes.

Price: $23.60


Méli Candles are made out of a blend of Beeswax and Soy Wax. Absolutely no paraffin wax involved in our process, as paraffin wax has toxins in it that are strenuous to people and the environment. When burned, our candles neutralizes pollutants in the air of your home, eliminates odors and mold in the air, and can improve allergy symptoms. 

Méli Candles mission is to bring artistic, trendy, high-quality, home-decor style candles to your cozy home. Our candles aren’t only decorative pieces for your home but also a scented candle to light and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Shop Méli Candles here


Blue Nude Woman 1952, Matisse most admired and purchased decor.

Price: $27.59



PRICE: 22.99

Bob Ross Changing Mug

Bob Ross is an artistic hero to many. His show, The Joy of Painting, inspired countless folks to tap into their creative spirit, and beyond that, to do something everyday that will make them happy. We all need to be reminded of this every once and a while, so why not get a gentle nudge from your morning cup of coffee?

This clever “self-painting” mug is an homage to Ross, but it goes beyond that to reveal a surprise image once you pour in a hot beverage. As the cup gets warmer, one of Ross’ signature paintings appears before your eyes. The effect illuminates him as well as the printed saying of “We don’t make mistakes. We have happy accidents.”

Price: $15.95

Chicago Art Institute of Lions Bookends

Edward Kemeys’s (American, 1843–1907) stately lion statues that flank the Chicago Art Institute’s entrance have inspired these replica bookends. Perfect on an office desk or for bookshelves at home.  The lions are not identical and thus are named for their poses.  The lion pictured on the left “on the prowl” with his tail pointing down.  The lion pictured on the right is  “stands in an attitude of defiance,” with his tail pointing up.   Our lions are cast in polyresin stone and mounted on a wooden base.

Price: $250

STAFF PICK – Harley Quinn Canvas Print by Melanie Schultz

Harley Quinn by Melanie Schultz canvas art arrives ready to hang, with hanging accessories included and no additional framing required. Every canvas print is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at iCanvas and expertly stretched around 100% North American Pine wood stretcher bars.

Price: $71.99

Poison Ivy Canvas Print by Melanie Schultz

Poison Ivy by Melanie Schultz canvas art arrives ready to hang, with hanging accessories included and no additional framing required. Every canvas print is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at iCanvas and expertly stretched around 100% North American Pine wood stretcher bars.

Price: $71.99

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Canvas Print by Joshua Budich

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off by Joshua Budich canvas art arrives ready to hang, with hanging accessories included and no additional framing required. Every canvas print is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at iCanvas and expertly stretched around 100% North American Pine wood stretcher bars.

Price: $83.99

Blues Brothers Canvas Print by Fred Birchal

The Blues Brothers by Fred Birchal canvas art arrives ready to hang, with hanging accessories included and no additional framing required. Every canvas print is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at iCanvas and expertly stretched around 100% North American Pine wood stretcher bars.

Price: $94.49

Kobe by Technodrome

“Kobe” by TECHNODROME1 shows a vibrantly colored portrait of the back of Kobe Bryant seen wearing his #24 Lakers jersey. This print can bring a dose of remembrance and Los Angeles to any space. A great pick for someone looking to create an inspiring atmosphere.

Price: $284.79

OG Bill Murray Canvas Print by Inked Ikons

OG Murray by Inked Ikons canvas art arrives ready to hang, with hanging accessories included and no additional framing required. Every canvas print is hand-crafted in the USA, made on-demand at iCanvas and expertly stretched around 100% North American Pine wood stretcher bars.

Price: $94.49



Music and meals are great unifiers – bringing people together like nothing else. For the ideal combination of the two, legendary guitarist Muriel Anderson invites you into her international adventures with her Acoustic Chef cookbook and CD with beautiful photos and stories. 

Available now — just in time for the holidays. In it, we are reminded of the simple pleasures of sharing music, meals, and laughter with friends, both old and new, as Muriel shares mouthwatering easy and unique recipes from her tours around the world — with award-winning music written to go with each.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Anderson’s Music for Life Alliance, supporting music programs for students in need.

PRICE: $35.00 Order here

IN TUNE, Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness by Richard “Wolfie” Wolf

Richard “Wolfie” Wolf decided to write IN TUNE, Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness to help fellow musicians. He also hosts his own podcast, WOLF IN TUNE, with fresh and insightful conversations so his listeners can hear what other top musicians, executives and meditation experts have to say about coping mechanisms. It’s all about finding a way to meet up with joyful journeys through a mindful existence.  

The book discusses legendary icons and contemporary giants who all have found out that there is life saving potential in meditation. Artists such as, Paul McCartney, Philip Glass, Robert Plant and Herbie Hancock to hip-hop culture masters such as Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Rick Rubin, have all testified to the life-changing impact their contemplative practice has had on their creativity and joyfulness.

Price: $17.69

STAFF PICK – I On Beauty: Living Beautifully and Luxuriously Beyond 50 by Irene Michaels

I On Beauty makes a GREAT holiday gift, for those of you that have not. A great gift idea for all who are interested in looking beautiful and staying young!

It is an International Best Seller in Four Beauty & Lifestyle Categories with a foreword by Dr. Robert Goldman, MD, DO, Ph.D., FAASP Co-Founder/Chairman-A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is endorsed by Jill St. John, Christie Hefner, Rita Cosby, Nikki Haskell, and Margaux Levy.

Price $19.99

Cinemaps: An Atlas of 35 Great Movies by Andrew DeGraff

Acclaimed artist Andrew DeGraff has created beautiful hand-painted maps of all your favorite films, from King Kongand North by Northwest to The Princess BrideFargoPulp Fiction, even The Breakfast Club—with the routes of major characters charted in meticulous cartographic detail. Follow Marty McFly through the Hill Valley of 1985, 1955, and 1985…

Price: $29.99

The Tailor of Riga by Jonathan Harries

In his 5th novel, Jonathan Harries takes us through the dark, comedic (and highly questionable) history of a family of assassins. Unfortunately, as he discovers, they’re his family.

I had absolutely no intention of getting into the family business. As I told my father the night he enlightened me on what my ancestors had been up to for over a thousand years, “Sticking a curved dagger into someone’s liver ain’t quite my cup of tea.”

Price: $14.95

Movie Kama Sutra by Little White Lies

The Movie Kama Sutra offers creative sex positions – including the ‘Potter’s Wheel’ (Ghost), ‘King of the World’ (Titanic) and, for the more sexually experimental, ‘Cable Drop’ (Mission: Impossible) – inspired by the most erotic moments in cinema history.

Price: $11.45

The Wes Anderson Collection: The Grand Budapest Hotel by Matt Zoller Seitz

This companion to the New York Times bestselling book The Wes Anderson Collection takes readers behind the scenes of the Oscar®-winning film The Grand Budapest Hotel with a series of interviews between writer/director Wes Anderson and movie/television critic Matt Zoller Seitz.

Price: $61.16

The Purpose of Power; How We Come Together When We Fall by Alicia Garza

n 2013, Alicia Garza wrote what she called “a love letter to Black people” on Facebook, in the aftermath of the acquittal of the man who murdered seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin. Garza wrote: 

Black people. I love you. I love us. Our lives matter. 

This is the story of one woman’s lessons through years of bringing people together to create change. Most of all, it is a new paradigm for change for a new generation of changemakers, from the mind and heart behind one of the most important movements of our time.

Price: $20.19

Hollywood: Her Story, An Illustrated History of Women and the Movies by Jill Tietjen

The year was 1896, the woman was Alice Guy-Blaché, and the film was The Cabbage Fairy. It was less than a minute long. Guy-Blaché, the first female director, made hundreds of movies during her career…

Price: $35.00

Letters from Hollywood: Inside the Private World of Classic American Moviemaking by Rocky Lang

Letters from Hollywood reproduces in full color scores of entertaining and insightful pieces of correspondence from some of the most notable and talented film industry names of all time—from the silent era to the golden age, and up through the pre-email days of the 1970s. Culled from libraries, archives, and personal collections, the 135 letters, memos, and telegrams are organized chronologically and are annotated by the authors to provide backstories and further context.

While each piece reveals a specific moment in time, taken together, the letters convey a bigger picture of Hollywood history. Contributors include celebrities like Greta Garbo, Alfred Hitchcock, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Katharine Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Elia Kazan, Cary Grant, Francis Ford Coppola, Tom Hanks, and Jane Fonda. This is the gift book of the season for fans of classic Hollywood.

Price: $27.99

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

In The Four Agreements, bestselling author don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

Price: $6.48

Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein

Ready to turn what you want into the life that you live? The number-one New York Times best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back shows you how. 

In Super Attractor, Gabrielle Bernstein lays out the essential methods for manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams. 

Price: $23.39

Becoming by Michelle Obama

In her memoir, a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling, Michelle Obama invites readers into her world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her—from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago to her years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work, to her time spent at the world’s most famous address. 

Price: $11.89

My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

My Own Words “showcases Ruth Ginsburg’s astonishing intellectual range” (The New Republic). In this collection Justice Ginsburg discusses gender equality, the workings of the Supreme Court, being Jewish, law and lawyers in opera, and the value of looking beyond US shores when interpreting the US Constitution. Throughout her life Justice Ginsburg has been (and continues to be) a prolific writer and public speaker.

Price: $10.97

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

Obama takes readers on a compelling journey from his earliest political aspirations to the pivotal Iowa caucus victory that demonstrated the power of grassroots activism to the watershed night of November 4, 2008, when he was elected 44th president of the United States, becoming the first African American to hold the nation’s highest office.

Price: $23.96


DC TV Blu-ray Sets

As you wait for all of your DC TV favorites to return next year, now is probably the best time to pick up the most recent seasons at their lowest prices yet.

Arrow: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]- Best Buy ($109.99)
Black Lightning: The Complete Third Season [Blu-ray] – Best Buy ($24.99)
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray]- Best Buy ($24.99)
DC’s Stargirl: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] – Best Buy ($24.99)
Harley Quinn: The Complete First Season [DVD} – Best Buy ($19.99)
Supergirl: The Complete Fifth Season [Blu-ray] – Best Buy ($34.99)
Swamp Thing: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] – Best Buy ($24.99)
The Flash: The Complete Sixth Season [Blu-ray] – Best Buy ($31.99)
Titans: The Complete Second Season [Blu-ray] – Best Buy ($11.99)

Game of Thrones: The Complete Series

After an epic run, all eight seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones have finally arrived on Blu-ray in both a Complete Series box set and a Complete Collector’s Set. The Complete Eighth Season is also available individually.

Price: $181.99

Sophia Loren Award Collection

With her critically-acclaimed role in this year’s hit film “The Life Ahead”, we’re spotlighting the Sophia Loren Award Collection, a tribute to the Academy Award-winning iconic star of Golden Age Hollywood and Italian cinema.

The 4-DVD set includes three award winning films directed by Vittorio De Sica starring Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni. Contains YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW (1963), MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE (1964), SUNFLOWER (1970). Also included is a bonus DVD, VITTORIO D, a documentary on the life and legacy of the great director (and frequent Loren collaborator) that offers fascinating interviews with Woody Allen, Clint Eastwood, Mike Leigh, and others.

Also available as a special 5 disc Blu-Ray set: 4 award winning films starring Sophia Loren, including BOCCACCIO ’70, plus the documentary VITTORIO D.

5-Blu-ray Set: $99.95 4-DVD Set: $49.95 Now Available here.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

Blast off to the 25th century with Buck Rogers, one of the most popular sci-fi heroes of all time! When 20th-century astronaut William “Buck” Rogers (Gil Gerard) is awakened—500 years after a deep-space disaster—to an Earth in recovery from nuclear war, he must join Colonel Wilma Deering (Erin Gray) to lead the crew of the starship Searcher against a galaxy of evil from the past, present and faraway future.

Co-starring Felix Silla, Tim O’Connor and the legendary voice of Mel Blanc as Twiki. This 9-disc set includes, the pilot episode, the theatrical feature and all 32 action-packed Season One and Season 2 episodes of the epic series.

Director: Jack Arnold and Daniel Haller Blu-ray SRP: $99.95. Now Available here.

Resident Evil 4K Box Set

The Reel 360 team admittedly has a soft spot for the Resident Evil films.

Based on the popular video game series by Capcom, the Resident Evil franchise stars Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element) as Alice, a superhuman security expert pitted against the sinister Umbrella Corporation as the world’s population is transformed into flesh-eating creatures by one of its most dangerous biological weapons.

One of the most successful live-action video game film franchises of all time gets an upgrade when the RESIDENT EVIL 4K ULTRA HD COLLECTION arrives on November 3rd from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. This limited-edition gift set marks the first time that fans will be able to experience all six films on4 K Ultra HD disc with High Dynamic Range and Dolby Atmos audio. The films will also be available digitally in 4K with HDR.

The RESIDENT EVIL 4K ULTRA HD COLLECTION will include Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse (both the original theatrical version and an extended cut), Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as well as hours of bonus content across all six films, including rare archival featurettes that have been previously unavailable on disc.

Price: $64.99

Rambo Steel Box Collection

For the first time in its 37-year history, the Rambo series is coming home as a complete SteelBook® set – with original art by some of today’s most celebrated illustrators! Rambo: The Complete SteelBook Collection arrives on 4K Ultra HDTM October 27 from Lionsgate.

This definitive collector’s edition of the legendary series features five uniquely designed SteelBooks by celebrated artists Justin Erickson, Ken Taylor, Grzegorz Domaradzki, Vance Kelly, and John Guydo, housed in a custom SteelBook case.

It’s a must-have for Rambo fans! Starring Academy Award® nominee Sylvester Stallone (1976, Best Screenplay/Best Actor, Rocky; 2015, Best Actor, Creed), the collection features all five action-packed Rambo films including First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Rambo, and Rambo: Last Blood.

Price – $84.99

Westworld the Complete Third Season

In the third season of HBO’s critically acclaimed sci-fi series, the hosts find themselves exploring the real world of Los Angeles in the year 2058 after escaping Westworld. This release contains every episode from the season.

Price: $18.99

Bill & Ted: The Complete Collection

In this follow-up to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, aspiring 1990s high school musicians Bill S. Preston (Alex Winter) and Ted “Theodore” Logan (Keanu Reeves) are now middle-aged dads. When the Great Leader (Holland Taylor) visits them to ask about the song they were supposed to compose to save all of humanity, the two are at a loss.

Given a new pressing deadline to create this song, they ride their trusted telephone booth and time-travel into the future to retrieve this savior song from the people who have it – their future selves. Directed by Dean Parisot.

PRICE: $24.99


The Mirror

One mirror. Every workout. With 50+ genres, 5-60 minute classes, and absolute beginner to expert levels, we have the perfect workout for everyone. Enjoy new live classes weekly, or choose from our library of thousands of on-demand classes anytime.

PRICE: $1495

Cubii Pro Seated Under-Desk Elliptical

This little elliptical machine easily tucks under a desk so even the busiest among us can remain active from home. From personal experience, it’s really quiet and actually kind of fun. It also syncs with Apple and Android phones, Apple Health, and Fitbit to track ongoing performance.

Price: $349

 is the perfect online gift for family members of all ages, particularly those seeking romance or fun! No prior dance experience or partner necessary! Styles include basic ballroom dance; fox trot, swing, tango, waltz, cha cha, rumba and salsa.

Swing dancers can learn the jitterbug, charleston and lindy hop. Country music fans can take a trip virtually to Nashville’s famed Wildhorse Saloon and learn line and partner country dances. Families can create Swing, Latin, 70s or 50s  “theme nights” with food and beverage to match and learn to electric slide or  Saturday Night Fever hustle, twist, hand jive and more.

Wedding couples can build confidence for their special day and seniors can enjoy  dance styles and music from their younger years that will bring back wonderful memories.

In addition to basic instruction, also features a free entertainment section where participants can dance to a live orchestra playing music specifically arranged to complement the steps learned. DanceWithNancy is a one stop shop for dance instruction and at home entertainment!

Get in Step here.

Elements Fitness Studio, New York

Elements Fitness Studio is a boutique health and wellness brand featuring high-end studio locations, corporate wellness, private training, and on-demand at-home video streaming options. 

The boutique has just released their own at-home, customizable and portable Elements Barre, available for pre-order! This would be an amazing gift for the health and wellness conscious person in our readers’ lives!

Elements™ Fitness Studio: The best-in-class, barre fitness experience. Utilizing owner and founder, Andrea Fornarola’s unique signature movement formula, Elements™ features results-driven, high-energy classes, and inspiring instructors with a 360 lifestyle focus. Elements™ has quickly gained popularity and amassed a loyal following throughout the US.

With a central studio location in East Hamptons and a new studio opening up on the Upper East Side in NYC by the end of this year, Elements™ has become a celebrity favorite workout hot spot focused on transforming bodies, changing lives and creating community.

Find out more here.

Fightcamp Personal

This home boxing package brings the intensity of a hardcore fight class into the home with streaming on-demand classes. The standing bag is high-quality, but the secret to the platform’s success is in the sensors that track every punch.

Price: $1219.00

STAFF PICK – Hayabusa Fight Gear

Are you trying to simultaneously get in shape while looking badass in 2021?

Well, then these officially certified Marvel Hero Elite Series boxing gloves from Hayabusa might just be perfect for you. The excellent pair of gloves are available in eight limited edition designs, in 12oz and 16oz, featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, The Punisher – and newly added styles for the Hulk, Thor, and Venom Symbiote!

All eight pairs of gloves retail for $229.99 at Hayabusa Fight and also, be sure to check out their website for some more awesome Punisher fight gear.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

If boxing like an Avenger ain’t their thing, get your favorite boxer their own pair of gloves and choose from eight different colors for the one that matches their personal style best. If they’re looking to track their punches, we also recommend Hykso Wearable Punch Trackers.

Price: $29.99

Resistance Bands

Adjustable Resistance Bands, Maximum equivalent of 150 lbs – Comes as a set of 5, 48-inch long colored exercise bands: Yellow (10 lbs),Blue (20 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Black (40 lbs), Red(50 lbs). All bands can be combined together to provide up to 150 lbs

Works for multiple workout scenario – As true resistance is maintained through every part of a motion.The resistance band set can be great with any popular workout like Yoga, Pilates and more. Or use them for general exercise, stretching, strength training, power weight programs.

Price: $29.95

RX SmartGear Jump Rope

It’s the official jump rope of Team USA boxing for good reason: Its comfortable, ergonomic handles and smooth bearings make it easy to fire off double-unders.

Price: $47.00

SereneLife Full Size Portable Steam Sauna

Use this portable sauna steamer machine home sauna for weight loss, detoxing, and stress/fatigue relief. The heat that radiates from the sauna and soothes achy muscles, helps prevent fatigue, detoxes the system.

It features easy access ‘sit-in’ sauna design and convenient hand access zippers so you can use your phone / read a book/magazine. Comes w/ everything you need to get your sauna on in your home

Price: $232.00

Yoga Wheel

If your favorite yogi wants to take things up a notch, help her level up with a yoga wheel. It’s perfect for improving flexibility, mastering poses, boosting mobility, and strengthening the core. 

Price: $42.97

Face Masks

Ahida Correale 

Los Angeles based and Pandemic inspired face mask brand designed to let wearers express what they want to say while their face is covered with customizable embroidery. The masks are 100% cotton denim, designed with rich colors and fun expressions to bring levity into wearers daily lives.

Price: $30.00

HollyShorts Black/White Mixed-Fabric Face Mask

HollyShorts doesn’t just entertain us. Now, they are keeping us safe as well! Protect you and your loved ones in style with face masks that are not just a sanitary necessity, but also are a unique fashion accessory. Our face masks provide a physical barrier around the face.

They are, however, not medical-grade and not meant for medical use. Great for everyday use for overall protection.

  • 100% Polyester exterior
  • 100% Cotton interior
  • One size
  • Black outer edge and ear

Use Code HSFFReel360 to get 15% off. Click here to order yours.

Reel Style

The Bill Murray Collection

Inspired by The Murray Brothers’ off-the-cuff mentality, William Murray Golf was created on the notion that life and golf don’t have to be so serious. Keep it light, have fun, and bring personality onto the course.

Get out there, have fun, and look great doing it.

On The House Polo

A stiff cocktail and a good cigar have the innate ability to make everything all alright—so we combined both passions (er, vices) with our brand new On The House collection. 

Price: $75.00

Murray Tartan Webb Vest

Bill sported this tartan look at Pebble Beach in 2020 and it was so beloved, we added this 100% Cotton classic vest to this year’s fall line. 

Price: $80

Murray Brothers T-Shirt

Most are used to seeing Bill stealing the show at Pebble Beach every February, but the brothers’ love of the game actually goes back to their days growing up in Wilmette, Illinois—where all six not only worked as caddies, they worked their way into the Caddie Hall of Fame.

Price: $36

Bill Murray Golf Leather Whisky Flask

This premium leather 8-ounce flask received the Murray treatment—Bill’s motivational tag line embossed in bold lettering— and has been officially blessed by the patron saint Carl Spackler, promising you total consciousness with every sip.

The front also features a script ‘William Murray’ while the back sports our iconic, signature rivet as seen on all our polos and button downs.

Price: $36


YJack is a Men’s and Women’s contemporary basics company, that creates high-quality t-shirts made from exfina fabrics that feel buttery soft and are the most comfy to wear.

Shop YJack here: use code “YJACK” at checkout for free shipping.

Mash City

MASH City is the creation of Los Angeles-based Expressionist Artist/Painter and Contemporary Art Gallery owner (MASH Gallery in DTLA’s Arts District), Haleh Mashian, who merges her love of two artforms – art and fashion – into one. All of MASH City designs feature bold digital artwork created by Mashian herself.

The Collection, described as premium athleisure meets streetwear chic, offers styles for both men and women as well as unisex/genderless options.

Included in the collection are Bomber Jackets, Hoodies/Sweaters, Leggings, Joggers, Rain Jackets, Accessories, Swim/Resort Wear, and much more all ranging in price under $400 USD.

Price: $240

Price: $125


Price: $180

Purchase here.


A 4th-generation, family-run company, Peepers is continuously reinventing the spectacle. Peepers began with a quest to find upbeat eyewear, and that light-hearted spirit is embedded in everything Peepers does.

From their unique designs to a caring customer experience, their family’s legacy is dedicated to the pursuit of fashion as its most fun. Today, they create stylish, optical quality reading glasses, blue light glasses, and sunglasses.

Purchase here.

SHUX Pashmina Wrap

SHUX is a line of lifestyle accessories and apparel, designed to be unpacked (shucked) from a patented carrying pouch built right into the construction of the product, so you can easily pack and unpack, and always have your SHUX with you. 

All SHUX products feature a swivel hook, so you can clip it to a bag or zipper or store it in your pocket or purse. 

SHUX, an innovator in packable, portable lifestyle accessories and apparel, today announced the debut of the SHUX Packable Attachable Hood and SHUX Packable Wrap/Scarf,

SHUX Packable Wrap/Scarf

The SHUX Packable Wrap is designed with fashion and versatility in mind, featuring an open front design to easily pair with anything in your wardrobe. With the patented SHUX wrap, you’re always prepared for a sudden change in temperature. (The wrap in its pouch can also be used as a travel pillow) 

Available in black and berry 70×28” with a 4” fringe

Price: $34.99

SHUX Packable Hood

The SHUX Packable Attachable Hood is a standalone hood that easily attaches to any jacket or shirt with our patented magnetic technology. No umbrella? No problem! With the patented SHUX hood, you’re always protected, regardless of the weather. 

Available in black, grey, red, navy and fuchsia. One-size fits most, adjustable

Price: $39.99

Reel 360 readers get 20% off using code REEL360 here through 12.31.


Âme is a one stop shop for a variety of eco-chic essentials. With accessories and beauty products, each item is made with care so that it’s good for you and for the planet.

Âme aims to remind the community that sustainability is about progress, not perfection… because every bit counts.

Double Molokini Hoop Earrings

These lightweight, double hoop earrings are handmade in California by Morgan Jean Jewelry and are a part of her signature Molokini collection. Feminine, understated, and perfect for everyday wear. 2.5″ long. Available in gold-filled & sterling silver. $124

Small Molokini Hoop Earrings

These small, thin single hoop earrings are handmade in California by Morgan Jean Jewelry and are a part of her signature Molokini collection. 2″ long. Available in gold-filled & sterling silver. $52.00

Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray

This natural, non-toxic hand sanitizer spray is a custom blend by Âme & Eco-Stuff. Mixed & packaged in California in a sustainable glass bottle, this non-toxic hand sanitizer is lightly scented with bergamot essential oils. It kills 99.9% of disease-causing bacteria – stay safe the natural, non-toxic way, & without drying out your hands. 2 oz. $13.99

Purchase the above and more here.

Wolverine Hoodie

There’s no mistaking the classics when you see them, and this Logan Hoodie’s  replicates the iconic blue and yellow costume that incredibly popular character Wolverine rose to fame in. As different creative teams have redesigned the scrappy Canadian’s outfit over the years, this is the one we all remember!

Price: $69.99

Movie-Themed Pack of Socks

These crew socks are stretchy, breathable and comfortable for any occasion. The elastic cuffs will prevent the socks from sliding down so you can be confident in what you wear.

Price: $7.99

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

STAFF PICK – Coopers Gourmet Coffee

The staff at Reel Chicago and Reel 360 are hooked on Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee and Cooper’s is offering our readers an exclusive 40% discount!

Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee helps javaficionados satisfy their taste for joe while saving money. Besides offering a global selection of beans that are roasted on demand, the company boasts a referral program that can add up to an exponential number of discounts.

First, the coffee. They don’t roast the bean until you place the order.

Founder Tim Smith sampled several roasters before selecting one in California and one in Chicago that keep their beans green until they’re ready to ship. Smith based the decision on an unshakable regard for freshness. 

“If you open a big can of coffee, it loses its flavor,” Smith says. “I didn’t want that to happen.”

We agree and that’s why Coopers’s is one of our picks for that morning cup of coffee on Christmas Eve.

USE THE CODE 40REELS for an exclusive Reel Chicago/Reel 360 40% discount on Cooper’s Gourmet Coffee!

STAFF PICK – Chateau De Berne

Over 3000 hours of sunshine a year go into helping ensure the perfect grapes for this perfect range of Provence Rosé . Nestled in the hills of Provence, Chateau de Berne’s south facing vineyards are sheltered by acres of pine forest and lavender fields.

The grapes enjoy the cooler Provence nights which slows their ripening and helps produce this range of Provençal classics. The Reel 360 family has sampled Romance and Inspiration and we love it!

Purchase here.


Support small businesses! With the Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit, you’ll get everything you need to make 24 mini cookie cups, including dry ingredients, cooking supplies, an apron, and our personal favorite, an adorable unicorn serving plate.

This magical kit comes with a unicorn horn mold to make your own chocolate unicorn horns! With the Pizza Making Kit, kids 3 and up will be able to bake a 12” pizza from scratch including making their own dough from flour. Just add your favorite cheese!

Start your baking here for $49.99.


As more people continue to stay and cook at home, Wild Fork – the South Florida-based meat and seafood market known for quality, affordability and variety, is debuting gift sets that showcase the rapidly growing brand’s impressive product roster. Just in time for the holidays, with newly- increased geographic coverage, Wild Fork is poised to reach several new regions of the United States – with creatively curated new gift boxes that appeal to every palate – from meat and potato mainstreamers to erudite culinary adventurers.  Wild Fork is also closely attuned to budget with gift boxes starting as low as $45.

For the Adventurous Foodie:  The Curious Chef is the perfect gift for the bold epicurean on your list.  Priced at $130.74 with 11 pounds of some of Wild Forks’ most unique items, this gift contains enough food to serve 5-8 people.  Included are portioned out servings of duck breast, ground Wagyu beef, beef marrow bones, alligator tenderloin, Key West pink shrimp, Chilean sea bass, sea scallops and escargot.  Also provided – beef demi-glace with truffle essence, French crepes and sea salt caramel gelato.

For the Burger Fanatic:  Don’t we all know someone who would eat burgers every day if they could? The Burger Lover is over 13 pounds of proteins and accompaniments priced at $97.53 (serving 7-10 people) that will wow the burger aficionado in your life.  Package includes ground bison, ground Wagyu, ground lamb, ground beef prime rib, ground pork, ground veal and organic ground beef. 

Finish the burgers off with original bacon, applewood bacon, house steak seasoning, butcher’s salt & pepper and smoked pecan wood rub and enjoy on (included) hamburger buns.  Dessert is covered as well with chocolate mousse, strawberry sorbet and Key lime cheesecake. 

For the Bagel Boss: Perfect for brunch, appetizers and everything in between, Wild Forks’ Smoked Salmon Selection provides two pounds of smoked salmon including original oak, gravlax, garlic and pepper, mojito, gin & tonic, whisky & honey, hot smoked salmon and peppered hot smoked salmon; priced at $44.47.

For the Steak Lover: The Butcher’s Choice will earn you respect from the steak king or queen in your life with this incredibly extravagant but well priced selection of exquisite cuts of beef.  Priced at $258.66 it includes 14 pounds of world class protein (serving 7-11 people) including Wagyu New York strip, Wagyu, ribeye, Wagyu center cut sirloin medallions, USDA prime black angus cowboy ribeye steak, USDA prime ribeye cap, USDA prime ribeye filet, USDA prime outside skirt, USDA choice black angus picanha steak and USDA choice black angus hanger steak.

Everything is shipped frozen and arrives within 24 – 48 hours, depending on the zip code.  From Wagyu steak selections to eight different smoked salmon flavors, there’s truly something for everyone.  To order, go here.

Redbox Movie Night Care Package

1 Night DVD Rental Code Gift Card For Redbox, 2 Act II Butter Lovers Popcorn 1 2.7oz Skittles 1 2oz Sour Patch Kids 1 1.69oz M&M’s 1 1.8oz Hot Tamales 1 1.5oz Black Forest Gummy Bears 1 1.53oz Reese’s 1 2.07oz Starburst 1 1.8oz Mike and Ike.

Price: $24.99

Daily Harvest Gift Box

Make meal planning easier than ever by gifting someone a nine-cup box from Daily Harvest. They’ll get to choose whatever smoothies, bowls, soups, lattes, and bites (including the new limited-edition Chocolate + Peppermint CBD Latte) they prefer, so you know they’ll be properly fueled before and after their workouts.

Price: $75.00



Cinephile® is dedicated to creating clever, beautifully-designed games, books and apparel that will be an essential part of any film obsessives collection. Cinephile: A Card Game is the ultimate game for film nerds, movie geeks and cinephiles. One deck. 150 cards. Multiple ways to play.

Price: $20


When we first heard about this game, the first thing that came to mind was; did we finally reach the point where we weren’t triggered that this place made it’s money off of you purchasing $9 candy, forgetting to rewind tapes, and going DAYS without returning? The $60 video store was worth it all! And now it’s back! Featuring clever illustrated cards, this game pack is partially movie trivia but it can be played in enough ways to delight any cinephile at your party.

Price: $14.89


Support small businesses! Lucky Puzzles is a new company that was launched fall 2020 by a brother and sister and two of their friends after finding there were not puzzles out there they wanted to do. As a side “job,” they worked with a series of independent artists to create 10 different puzzles using local artists’ work and Lucky Puzzles was born.

These 1,000-piece puzzles include ones that celebrate travel, women, food, pets and more. A sampling includes: Barcelona Sun is of a scenic painting of the stunning Catalan capital by artist Ana Maria Edulescu. She Series celebrates and showcases strong women as beacons of hope by artist Karen Hallion. Dog Love demonstrates the unconditional love of dogs through art by artist Dean Russo. 

These puzzles are $24 each. They can be purchased here.

Movie Lovers 500 Piece Puzzle

Here’s a gift that’s practically guaranteed to be a perfect fit for any movie lover: This cinematic puzzle not only features film posters for a variety of blockbusters and classics—including Psycho, Caddyshack, King Kong, Rebel Without A Cause and Godzilla—but it’s also just 500 pieces, so they can easily complete it while watching their favorite Christmas flick.

Price: $18.00

Cards Against Humanity

The Cards Against Humanity Red Box contains 300 all-new white and black cards for you to mix into your deck of Cards Against Humanity Main Game, making it a substantially better bludgeoning weapon against home invaders. This is an expansion, so it requires the Cards Against Humanity base game. I love you.

Price: $20.00

Life Size Jenga

Enjoy an alternative way of watching something besides your life collapse before your eyes in 2020. Jumbo Wooden Blocks Floor Game for Kids and Adults, 56 Pieces. We promise this game will distract you in all the ways you need to be distracted.

PRICE: $49.99


Retailer: David Yurman Jewelry Collection

DY Crossover Collection® Ring with Diamonds

The DY Crossover® Collection explores the rhythmic weaving of line to create form and movement. Using a dynamic range of smooth and cabled cords, the individual strands are meticulously entwined. 

  • Sterling Silver 
  • Pavé Diamonds, 0.18 total carat weight 
  • Ring, 7mm

Price: $650

DY Diamond Initial Pinky Ring

  • Sterling Silver
  • Pavé Diamonds, 0.01 total carat weight
  • Ring, 14mm

Price: $450

Starburst Pendant in 18K Yellow Gold with Full Pavé Diamonds

  • 18-karat Yellow Gold
  • Pavé Diamonds, 3.42 total carat weight
  • Shown with: Box Chain
  • Please note: pendant only, chain sold separately
  • Pendant compatible with chains up to 2.7mm wide

Price: $13,000

DY Skull Amulet with Full Pavé Diamonda, Emeralds and 18K Yellow Gold

  • 18-karat Yellow Gold
  • Pavé Emeralds
  • Pavé Diamonds, 1.04 total carat weight
  • Amulet, 10mm
  • Shown with: Box Chain
  • Please note: amulet only, chain sold separately
  • Amulet compatible with chains up to 2.7mm wide

Price: $3,600.00

STAFF PICK – Kay Jewelers Star Wars Collection

On the heels of the newly released Season 2 of The MandalorianKay Jewelers has partnered with LucasFilm to launch a limited edition “The Child” necklace for all Yoda and Star Wars Fans alike! The pendant comes in a collectible Star Wars package who’s unboxing video is quite out of this world ?. 

Star Wars The Mandalorian Necklace 1/10 ct tw Diamonds Sterling Silver 18″

Price: $224.99

Star Wars Ring Stormtrooper 10K Yellow Gold

This 10K yellow gold Star Wars™ ring for her features a storm trooper mask. © & ™ Lucasfilm Ltd.

Price: $83.70

Citizen Star Wars R2-D2 Limited Edition Ladies’ Watch FE7050-50W

Limited Edition Star Wars™ R2-D2 watch from CITIZEN. With modern detailing and design, just like R2-D2 himself, this droid watch features a stainless steel case and bracelet, silver-tone dial with signature blue and a custom caseback. This model is limited to 1,977 pieces worldwide, the year Star Wars debuted. Featuring CITIZEN Eco-Drive technology, it’s powered by any light and never needs a battery.

Price: $245.00

Retailer: Alex and Ani Wonder Woman collection

Wonder Woman is humble, yet fierce. A woman who isn’t afraid to use her gifts to help make the world a better place. With a fierce and gracious heart, Wonder Woman protects the world. Wear as a physical representation of your ability to deflect the things that try to deter you from your ultimate goal.

Wonder Woman Spike Necklace

  • Chain length: 26″
  • Finish: .925 Sterling Silver
  • Nickel-free

Price: $47.40

Purchase here.

Pavé Wonder Woman™ Logo Charm Bangle

Show your strength & beauty with this Expandable Wire Bangle featuring a charm with the Wonder Woman logo adorned with genuine crystals.

  • Expandable from 2″ to 3.5″
  • Finish: Shiny Silver
  • Nickel-free
  • Adorned with Swarovski® Crystals
  • WONDER WOMAN 1984 and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s20)

Price: $23.40

Purchase here.

STAFF PICK – Girl Up by Uni Creation

For the girls bosses and bad asses, my client Girl Up Collection benefits global gender equality by supporting the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up initiative. 

UNI CREATION announces the launch of the new Girl Up Jewelry Collection by Creative Artistic Director Hal Rubenstein in partnership with Girl Up, a leadership development initiative founded by the United Nations Foundation that works to advance gender equality worldwide.

In addition to a six-figure annual corporate contribution to Girl Up, UNI CREATION is also pledging 5% of all sales of the jewelry to support Girl Up’s leadership development programs–engaging, training and mobilizing girls around the world to take action for global gender equality.

Purchase here

Get Organized

The Happy Planner Disney Collection

The Happy Planner has just released two special-edition collections with Disney: The Happy Planner featuring Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Collection and the Happy Planner featuring Disney Princesses Collection. 

The collection features a variety of pieces ranging from 12-month dated planners to journals, and hundreds of fun Disney stickers. The classic poses and familiar faces of Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse instantly add a dose of creativity & imagination to your daily planning.

You’ll be smiling ear-to-ear while keeping track of lists, appointments, trips, adventures, and more! 

The Happy Planner featuring Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Collection is available exclusively online and in-stores at JOANN Fabric and Crafts (shoppable here) and on The Happy Planner website (shoppable here) 

 The collection takes inspiration from all 12 Disney Princess characters, creating an enchanted palette of jewel tone hues and whimsical floral prints for a modern twist on the classic stories we all know and love. The Happy Planner journals, planners and stickers are designed to add fun, color and inspiration to your day-to-day routine. Make lists like Cinderella or daydream in your journal like Rapunzel, there’s a princess — and a planner — for everyone. 

The Happy Planner featuring Disney Princesses Collection is available exclusively at Walmart Online now (shoppable here) and will launch in Walmart stores nationwide on November 16th



A Los Angeles-based apothecary specializing in handmade home and body products with unique and natural scents.

Marston’s line of products are always made cruelty-free and do not contain genetically modified oils (GMO). We never use parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, unnatural preservatives, or petroleum products.  All of our products are scented with pure essential oils, essential oil blends or premium  phthalate-free fragrances that have been expertly infused with essential oils for a rich natural scent.

Their most popular scents are; Tobacco Flower, Ambered Musk, Sandalwood, Warm Vanilla and Citrus.

Shop all the must-have faves with a 10% off code “REEL360” here

Zena Foster

With the release of her “Triple Threat Beauty Set” that includes Polished Mittens, Sonic Gold Beauty Bar, and High Roller Face & Body Massager (which retails for $99.99), Zena Foster brings some of her favorite items/services home for you to try. These products have been highlighted by Beyonce’s Black Parade Route, The Candidly “Best Product List,” and Kim Kardashian has raved about the mittens “My fave scrub gloves.” Each item is sold separately or in bundle packages.

Zena Foster Beauty offers some of the easiest and cost-effective beauty secrets that keep customers looking and feeling amazing. These products are great for travel as well as men can use them and are great as stocking stuffers.

Shop the perfect skin products here.

STAFF PICK CBD for Life Sets

CBD For Life is one of the original CBD-infused wellness and self-care brands that helped start the CBD movement. We launched the brand five years ago, knowing the extraordinary benefits and massive potential of this powerful cannabinoid. Our mission then and now remains the same: to create the highest quality and most effective CBD-infused wellness and self-care products to help you look, feel and be your best self.

Shop the must-have products here.

House of Intuition

House Of Intuition has a collection of magical items such as hand-picked crystals, all-natural herbs packaged in-house, and dressed magic candles. We wish to provide you with the tools you need to heal your past and manifest your brightest future.

Check out their shop here

Moon Pod Pillow

Moon Pod’s zero-gravity technology acts as your personalized cushioning system. Sit back, relax, and float.

Price: $299

Vintage Halloween VHS Blanket

Be the envy of every kid in Haddonfield! 

Whether you want to cozy up for a movie night, or rewind to a simpler time of making trips to the video store, this jumbo Halloween fleece throw has got you COVERED!  Designed to be a giant replica of the movie’s vintage VHS tape, this blanket is a must-have for those who like to keep it comfy… and Creepy! Perfect for covering up on the couch, or the bed. Or for covering up all the bodies. 

60″ x 50″

  • Minky fleece material: ultra soft, super luxe
  • “Lifted bubble” back lining: “shadow gray” color
  • Machine wash cold separately (hand wash always recommended)
  • Line dry or tumble dry low (no high heat!)

Price: $34.99



Give the gift of safety this holiday season with PRO PAX! These elegantly designed PPE “Single Use” makeup and safeguard kits are designed with artists and talent in mind. Our BASIX kit is for everyone:clients, production and anyone looking to create a hygienic environment.

Included in the sealed, stand up pouch is all of the essential tools artists need to provide a clean, professional makeup application. PROPAX promote peace of mind and preserve the trust and rapport between artist and talent.  The beautiful pouches and sleek contents blend seamlessly into the most fashionable of sets or settings.

What a great way to show your commitment to safety on and off set by giving a beautifully packaged PPE kit that is relevant and necessary in these extraordinary times.

Purchase here.

Task Rabbit Gift Card

A TaskRabbit gift card is a thoughtful present for anyone in your life that just doesn’t have enough time in the day to get things done:

  • The friend who wants to put up a gallery wall but hasn’t had time
  • The boyfriend who hasn’t cleaned his bathtub since the early Parents who need their new TV and audio system set up
  • The co-worker who needs a virtual personal assistant to organize his life.

Purchase here


Gift giving is a special time and way to show your love to each other. Enjoy the processes of finding and giving your gift to your spouse this holiday season.

Sex Stack Game

A great game for you and your spouse. With over 160 unique elements to the game, you will never play the same way twice! Designed to bring you closer together and strengthen your relationship.

Price: $29.95

Sex Checks: 60 Checks for Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom

Issued by the “World Bank of Savings and Love” these playful checks offer a diverse portfolio of options for the shy and adventurous alike, with fill-in-the-blanks and check-box prompts. The checkbook includes 30 IOUs and 30 UOMEs, making it easy for you to get back what you give. Best of all, these checks are guaranteed not to bounce (unless you’re into that)!

Price: $9.99

The Flip Ramp

The Flip Ramp is the perfect combination of functionality and discretion. When open, this Shape is an inclined Ramp that allows for deeper penetration and access, and it provides support for a variety of exciting oral and sexual positions.

Price: $150

200ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser Ultrasonice Aromatherapy

The essential oil diffuser and cool mist humidifier complements any existing décor theme in your bedroom, making it a perfect choice to get the olfactory sensors going.

Price: $22.99

VIP Men’s Grooming Kit

The morning ritual sets the tone for your day. When your skin feels clean and energized with these natural botanicals you’ll have healthy momentum take on any day.

Price: $46.71

Goop Dirty Gingerbread Candle

This candle smells so delicious, you’ll want to keep it lit constantly. It’s made with a blend of burnt raw sugar and Madagascar vanilla juxtaposed with ginger, crackling black pepper, cloves, and nutmeg for a scent that’s warm, spicy, and slightly subversive. The cheeky box makes it the perfect white elephant gift.

Price: $85.00

Goop This Smells Like My Vagina Candle

With a funny, gorgeous, sexy, and beautifully unexpected scent, this candle is made with geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed to put us in mind of fantasy, seduction, and a sophisticated warmth. Wow. Some vagina.

Price: $75.00

STAFF PICK – Goop Vibrator Ring

It’s sleek. It’s statement-making. It looks good with your favorite outfit. It’s: a vibrator. The Palma vibrator ring is built from surgical-grade stainless steel and plated in eighteen-karat gold.

It has three intensities, which you control with hidden buttons, and two customizable vibration modes: tilt mode, which increases or decreases vibration intensity depending on the tilt of your hand, and tap mode, where you can tap Palma’s surface in a pattern you like and it will play the vibrations back to you on a loop.

It’s waterproof and charges by magnetically snapping into its accompanying USB charging dock.

Price: $100

For long-distance couples: OhMiBod Esca 2

The future is now, which means you can have sex with whomever you want, from wherever you want. With the OhMiBod Esca 2, you can use a vibrator and enable your partner to control it from their location (whether it’s from the next room or another country). It’s Bluetooth- and app-enabled, which means your partner can pleasure you via this clit- and G-spot-stimulating vibrator with the tap of a few buttons.

It comes with three vibration levels and four vibration patterns you and your partner can experiment with. 

Price: $192

A vibrator that doubles as jewelry: Crave Vesper

The Vesper may look like a necklace you’d get at Madewell, but surprise! It’s actually a vibrator. Use the length of the bullet or its tip to stimulate the clit to achieve an intense orgasm. It just needs to be wiped down and recharged (with a USB port) before you put it on again. It’s perfect for traveling or just wearing your secret weapon in plain sight. The Vesper comes in silver or rose gold. 

Price: $69

For the Person Who is the Present

This might be a present for yourself if you want to “slip into something more comfortable” before you get it on. This bodysuit is easy to layer underneath your outfit, making it the ultimate surprise later on during your date, and even easier to take off when the time’s right. It’s also available in a bright pink.

Price: $21.00


Polaroid Originals – OneStep+ Analog Instant Film Camera – White

Capture, print and share gorgeous photos with this Polaroid Originals OneStep+ instant film camera. The streamlined interface makes lining up and capturing shots easy, while the self-timer mode lets you take part in group shots.

This Polaroid Originals OneStep+ instant film camera lets you enhance your photos with double exposures, light painting and other techniques using the Polaroid Originals app.

Price: $139.99

Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Show your big movie on this tiny projector. Smallest and Lightest DLP Projector in the World Slips Conveniently Into Your Handbag, Briefcase or Back Pocket for, Home, Work, Business or Play.

Onboard Media Player Includes Room-Filling Built-in Speakers, 3.5mm Input & Integrated HDMI, USB and MicroSD Hookup. HDMI Connect to Apple iOS iPhone, iPad and Android Phones Tablets and devices (Please check with your device’s manufacture if the device is HDMI compatible)

Price: $139.99

HP Sprocket Select Portable 2.3×3.4″ Instant Photo Printer

The HP Sprocket Select compact photo printer is the perfect tech gift for Instagram aficionados. The stylish gadget is capable of printing 2.3-by-3.4-inch photos on water- and tear-resistant paper

Users can edit their photos before printing through Sprocket’s mobile app. There’s even an option to interact with the prints in augmented reality. 

Price: $89.99

Foam Frother

Café Quality at Home: luxurious lattes, cappuccinos, coffee, hot chocolates, macchiatos and flat whites at the push of a button, effortlessly hot, warm or cold milk with Miroco milk frother (Recommend to use whole milk (Fat content>3 %) for better result.)

Heats and Froths Milk: Milk frother heats up to 240ml (8.1 oz) milk for delicious lattes or flat whites, also this foam maker froths 115ml (3.9 oz) for luscious cappuccinos or macchiato.

Price: $39.99

Wireless Record Player

Wirelessly play music from your phone, you can take it anywhere, enjoy your life. Great ideal for Christmas Day, Father, Mother, and friends.

Simple Setup and operation. Great ideal for a beginner. Three-speed Turntable (33, 45, 78 RPM) plays all of your 7″ 10″ 12″ vinyl records and favorite Albums.

Price: $61.99

Gateway 11.6″ FHD Ultra Slim Notebook

The 11.6-inch Gateway Ultra Slim Notebook features a 1080p screen that brings a crystal-clear picture for any and all of your tasks. Tuned by THX™ audio products enable listeners to get the best audio quality possible by providing custom fidelity improvements, balanced reproduction, and optimal frequency response.

With a high-powered 7th Gen AMD A4 processor and Radeon R3 graphics card will allow you can tackle all of your daily tasks and projects with ease and haste—and with a slim and light weight frame you can take it everywhere you go. It is also Google Classroom compatible and great for students. Available in Purple, blue, green, and black.

Price: $179

Canon – PowerShot G7 X Mark III 20.1-Megapixel Digital Camera Video Creator Kit – Black

Express your creativity with this Canon PowerShot video creator kit. The PowerShot G7 X Mark III camera has a 20.1MP CMOS sensor and an advanced image processor to capture videos in up to 4K resolution. This Canon PowerShot video creator kit includes a tripod grip with a detachable Bluetooth remote for panning and tilting the camera while filming.

Price: $799

Canon – EOS M200 Mirrorless Camera with EF-M 15-45mm Lens Content Creator Kit

Capture and broadcast videos with this Canon EOS M200 content creator kit. The included digital camera captures stunning images and 4K videos, and integrated Bluetooth connectivity easily shares your media across connected devices.

This Canon EOS M200 content creator kit includes a combination tripod grip with a remote control that lets you pan and tilt the camera with the press of a button.

Price: $599.99

Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Pack

Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Pac includes a broadcast-style large-diaphragm dynamic mic, professional closed-back headphones with self-adjusting headband and rotating earcups, a convenient metal threaded height-adjustable tabletop mic stand, acoustically transparent custom fitted windscreen, and 2-meter mic cable.

Price: $119.99

Samsung – 85″ Class Q950TS Series QLED 8K UHD Smart Tizen TV

Prepare to be impressed by the ultra-high image quality of this Samsung 85-inch 8K QLED smart TV. Advanced quantum LED technology provides vivid, lifelike imagery, and the Infinity bezel design ensures virtually the whole front of your television is a screen.

This Samsung 85-inch 8K QLED smart TV offers Object Tracking Sound + technology for more immersive audio.

Price: $11,999

STAFF PICK – Samsung 98″ Class Q900 Series LED 8K UHD Smart Tizen TV

Watch your content in 8K resolution for stunning detail on this Samsung 98-inch QLED smart TV. The built-in intelligent mode optimizes sound and adjusts brightness according to surroundings for an immersive cinematic experience, while an ultra viewing angle reduces glare no matter where you sit.

This Samsung 98-inch QLED smart TV comes with OneRemote, which lets you easily detect and connect to compatible devices and content.

Price: $59,000 (Not a typo)

Apple – MacBook Pro 16″ Display with Touch Bar – Intel Core i9 – 64GB Memory – 2TB SSD – Space Gray

Apple MacBook Pro Laptop: Enjoy thinner, lighter computing with this gold MacBook Air laptop. With an Intel Core i5 processor and 16GB of RAM, it’s easy to get through everyday tasks, while the Retina display provides more than 4 million pixels and outstanding resolution. This MacBook Air has a generous 128GB solid-state drive, and the Apple T2 Security Chip ensures maximum security.

Price: $4,199.00

STAFF PICK – Singtrix Karaoke

Singtrix® is the first karaoke consumer product that lets everyday people instantly feel and sound like “rock stars”. Created by the developers of Guitar HeroSingtrix is the world’s FIRST and only smart, plug-and-play karaoke system using studio quality vocal effects designed to make “bad singers sound good and good singers sound amazing!” 

Easy to use, Singtrix® has a simple plug and play system that allows you to use your phone to tap into thousands of FREE YouTube Karaoke videos available online, as well as 375+ professional vocal effects, opening up a world of possibilities for your living room performance. 

As seen on Shark Tank, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Singtrix uses “rock star” technology to take your at home party experience to a whole new level. But don’t just take our word for it, Singtrix has been endorsed by Whoopi GoldbergEllen DeGeneresKelly OsbourneJenny McCarthyTamera Mowry-Housley and more… and we think your audience will enjoy it too! It’s the best gift for holiday get togethers, dinner parties and just hanging out with friends. 

Price: $299.99


Thor’s Stormbreaker

Mighty Thor, son of Odin, uses his super-powers to protect both planet Earth and his home world of Asgard!

Thor really has an axe to grind after his evil sister destroys his hammer Mjölnir. Fans and collectors can imagine powering up for action alongside their favorites Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hulk, Black Panther, and more with Avengers figures and roleplay gear! 

Imagine defeating Thanos with this Thor electronic roleplay axe! Activate exciting thunder sound FX with the push of a button. Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame Marvel’s Stormbreaker Electronic Axe, fans and collectors can imagine joining the battle to save the universe!

Price: $159.99

Pokemon Cards

This series includes 59 EX Cards 20 Mega EX Cards 20 GX Cards 1 Energy Card. But you will receive a random set of the personages. There are examples of the cards in the pictures that you may receive.

Price: $20.90

LEGO Jurassic Park: T. Rex Rampage

With Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum confirmed to return for Jurassic World: Dominion, what better time than now to revisit their original Jurassic Park adventure with this amazing 3120-piece T-Rex rampage set from LEGO, which allows fans to recreate one of the most iconic moments from the first movie.

Price: $249.99

LEGO Avengers Tower Battle

When Red Skull and his A.I.M. Agents attack the Avengers Tower, it’s up to you, Iron Man and Black Widow to protect the tower and New York City. Open the five story tower to access seven different rooms packed with cool features. Check out the Sky Cycle garage, Arc Reactor, Armory, Iron Man’s launching platform, tech lab and—when you’ve captured the evil Red Skull—a jail to lock him safely away.

  • Set #76166
  • 685 pieces
  • Includes Iron Man with two additional armors Blazer and Tazer; Black Widow; Red Skull and two A.I.M. Agent minifigures
  • Features five floors and seven feature-packed rooms
  • Rooms include Black Widow’s Sky Cycle garage, the Arc Reactor room, the Armory room, a tech lab, a jail, and two balconies
  • The structure opens to reveal fun features such as a blast-open jail, collapsible balcony, and a rocket launcher

Price: $89.99

Hot Toys Avengers

Hot Toys has recently released and announced a number of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame figures that would make the perfect gift for any diehard fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thor (Infinity War) – $267
War Machine Mark IV (Infinity War) – $415
Iron Man Mark L (Infinity War) – $407
Iron Spider (Infinity War) – $259
Hulkbuster (Infinity War) – $430
Doctor Strange (Infinity War) – $267
Captain America (Infinity War) – $267
Star-Lord (Infinity War) – $251
Winter Soldier (Infinity War) – $243
Thanos (Infinity War) – $376

Thanos (Endgame) – $415
Black Widow (Endgame) – $235
Thor (Endgame) – $274
Nebula (Endgame) – $235
Iron Man Mark LXXXV (Endgame) – $423
Captain America (Endgame) – $274
Hawkeye Deluxe (Endgame) – $274
Rocket Raccoon (Endgame) – $212
War Machine (Endgame) – $369
Iron Man Mark LXXXV Battle Damaged (Endgame) – $446
Iron Patriot (Endgame) – $469
Rescue (Endgame) – $407
Hulk (Endgame) – $37

All of the figures below are currently available to order and/or pre-order at Sideshow Collectibles for the listed price.

Wonder Woman Funko Pop

With Wonder Woman 1984 coming on Christmas, Funko’s WW84 POP! line is the perfect accessory to put a smile on the face of that Wonder Woman fan in your household. 

There are five different Wonder Woman figures currently available to purchase, two Cheetah figures, and a Steve Trevor figure to complete the set of eight.

Available on  Funko 

Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Roleplay Toy

In the Star Wars saga, this one-of-a-kind black-bladed Lightsaber has been a symbol of Mandalorian power for generations. Imagine wielding a black-bladed Lightsaber with exciting electronic light and sound effects! The Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber Lightsaber toy features electronic light effects, classic Lightsaber effects, awesome battle sounds when kids swing the Lightsaber, and crackling lightning sound and light effects when they hold down the button on the hilt!

Imagine ruling over Mandalore with the Mandalorian Darksaber! Fans can also look out for other Star Wars roleplay items, including Lightsabers and masks inspired by characters from the Star Wars movies.

This is the Way! PRICE: $29.99

Shadow Fighter

Spar against a ninja and put your martial arts skills to the test with Shadow Fighter! In-game music keeps the tension high as you perform a variety of offensive and defensive maneuvers against your shadowy opponent. The projector emits a green light when you land a strike, and a red light when you get “hit.” Choose from four different game settings. Ages 5+.

PRICE: $69.99

Baby Yoda, The Child OR Grogu

Well, we know his name now, but he’s still super cute. Touch the top of The Child’s head to activate more than 25 sound and motion combinations. Become the interactive creature’s protector and pretend to harness the power of the Force as The Child closes its eyes, raises its arms, giggles, and more.

PRICE: $69.99

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Bike by Huffy – Small 16”

Being able to get around quickly is an important feature of being a bounty hunter so having your own bike is essential. This super stylish set of wheels is inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian.

Boasting a tough steel frame, it comes with super cool graphics based on the Disney+ series, and includes the helmet-shaped front storage box.

  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian graphics
  • The Mandalorian helmet storage container
  • Comfy seat with an alloy quick release and adjustable height
  • ATB with adjustable rails
  • Detachable durable training wheels
  • Steel monocoque frame
  • Steel shocks
  • 16” Wheels
  • Steel unicrown with leading edge dropouts
  • Inspired by Star Wars: The Mandalorian on Disney+

Price: $129.99

Joe Gardner Funko Pop! Vinyl Toy – Soul

Explore some of the bigger questions of life with this Funko Pop! Vinyl character of Joe Gardner from Disney and Pixar’s Soul. Joe scores the chance of a lifetime to play at the best jazz club in town before a misstep changes everything.

Price: $12.99

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Captain America Shield

Iconic in its design, this Captain America shield is modeled on the First Avenger’s trademark symbol as it appears in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, now streaming on Disney+. A notable addition to any Marvel fan collection, it’s a 1:1 full scale collectible featuring adjustable straps in back for the perfect fit.

Price: $114.99

Spider Gwen Action Figure

Swing into an action-packed playtime with this Ghost-Spider Action Figure from the Marvel Toybox Series. Includes retractable webbing and interchangeable head!Magic in the details

  • Poseable Ghost-Spider action figure
  • Includes retractable webbing and interchangeable head accessories
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • #24 in the Marvel Toybox series
  • Part of the Marvel Toybox Action Figure Collection
  • Accessories are interchangeable between all Disney store Toybox figures, each sold separately
  • Collect all our Marvel Toybox action figures, each sold separately

Price: $12.99

Storm Cosbaby Bobble-Head Figure by Hot Toys – X-Men

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first X-Men movie, Hot Toys has released a Cosbaby line-up based on X2: X-Men United. Storm comes with specially applied luminous reflective effect on her eyes as she summons the forces of the weather.Magic in the details

  • Storm Cosbaby figure features lightning and wind details
  • Specially applied luminous reflective effect on eyes
  • Non-articulated figures with bobble-heads
  • Includes figure base
  • Comes in window display box
  • Designed and manufactured by Hot Toys
  • Inspired by X2: X-Men United
  • Exclusive to Disney store North America and

Price: $22.99

Star Wars Rey Lightsaber

Come to the aid of the Resistance! When you wield Rey’s lightsaber featuring a glowing blue blade and detachable hilt. Wear the hilt on your belt with the included clip or attach the blade for lights, motion-sensor sounds, plus battle-clash rumble and dueling lightsaber effects that bring the fight against the dark side to life!

Price: $32.99

Princess Leia Organa (Endor) Action Figure – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – The Black Series by Hasbro

Inspired by Star Wars: Return of the Jedi , this action figure of Princess Leia Organa perfectly captures her camouflage gear worn on Endor. Part of The Black Series by Hasbro, Leia features multiple points of articulation and comes with two accessories.

Price: $19.99

STAFF PICK – Star Wars Barbie Stormtrooper

The Star Wars™ x Barbie® collection, inspired by the films’ original concept art, re-imagines iconic Star Wars characters through a distinctive Barbie™ high-fashion filter. Stormtroopers’ imposing white armor, blaster rifles and great skill make them a force to be reckoned with, and their fanatic loyalty to the Empire renders them steadfast — and lethal — in their fight for the Imperial cause. 

Price: $100

STAFF PICK – Star Wars™ Darth Vader x Barbie®Doll

The Star Wars™ x Barbie® collaboration is an homage to Star Wars: A New Hope. This eponymous collection, inspired by the film’s original concept art, re-imagines iconic characters through a distinctive Barbie™ high-fashion filter. Once a heroic Jedi Knight, Darth Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force, became a Sith Lord, and led the Empire’s eradication of the Jedi Order.

This collectible Star Wars™ x Barbie® doll captures Darth Vader’s Sith armor silhouette in a head-to-toe shiny-black ensemble. Metallic details at her collar and waist, dark glasses and an emblematic black cape finish the look.

Star Wars™ Darth Vader x Barbie® doll makes a great gift for Star Wars™ and Barbie® fans. Includes a Star Wars™ doll stand and Certificate of Authenticity.

Price: $100

WW84 Wonder Woman™ Battle-Ready Doll

Celebrate the return of Wonder Woman™ in Wonder Woman 1984 with dolls inspired by fan-favorite characters and scenes from the movie! From Amazon princess to the world’s greatest warrior, Wonder Woman™ is at the height of her power in this all-new chapter of her story. Stunning, powerful and prepared to battle her great nemesis — the Cheetah — this Wonder Woman™ doll wears her iconic costume with removable headdress, boots, armored bracelets, belt and Lasso of Truth accessory.

This collectible Super Hero doll can bend at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees for powerful posing — perfect for displays, fashion play or action-storytelling! 

Price: $14.99

WW84 Cheetah™ Doll

Celebrate the return of Wonder Woman™ in Wonder Woman 1984 with dolls inspired by fan-favorite characters from the movie, like the Superhero’s greatest nemesis — Battle Cheetah! After her claws come out, Barbara Minerva™ shifts from friend to foe, becoming the fiercest rival Wonder Woman™ has yet to face.

This Battle Cheetah doll is inspired by her final transformation into the powerful Super-Villain, and with head-to-toe true-to-movie details, she’s prepared to fight for her claim to power. Her fierce look includes a furry cheetah-skin suit with realistic cheetah print, clawed cheetah feet and a tail.

Flexibility at the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles ready Battle Cheetah doll for powerful poses and play. Fans can relive so many epic movie moments with this battle-ready Cheetah doll, perfect for displays or action-play.

Price: $19.99

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow Barbie®Doll

Barbie® celebrates Marvel Studios’ Black Widow with a collectible doll inspired by fan-favorite agent-turned-hero Natasha Romanoff — also known as Black Widow. Black Widow Barbie® doll’s true-to-movie look features her signature white bodysuit complete with armored shoulders, knee-high boots and a utility belt bearing the formidable red hourglass icon.

Armed with her dual batons and electric Widow’s Bite bracelets, Marvel’s Black Widow Barbie® doll reflects the unwavering bravery and unstoppable determination she uses in her fight to protect the world. Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Price: $50.00

Video Games

PS 5

The PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is easily one of the most hyped releases of the year. With a retail price of $399 ($100 less than the Blu-Ray Edition) this PS5 Digital Edition comes without a disc drive and features a sleek white design with a matching controller. It released on November 12th, 2020, however sold out quickly at retailers globally.

The PS5 Digital Edition is in stock on StockX, even if it’s sold out in stores. Simply place a Bid or Buy now to secure the hottest item of the holiday season.

Price: $895

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con

  • 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode
  • 6.2-inch, multi-touch capacitive touch screen
  • 4.5-9+ Hours of Battery Life *Will vary depending on software usage conditions
  • Connects over Wi-Fi for multiplayer gaming; Up to 8 consoles can be connected for local wireless multiplayer
  • Model number: HAC-001(-01)

Price: $299

Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers is an epic, third-person, action-adventure game that combines an original, cinematic story with single-player and co-operative gameplay*. Assemble into a team of up to four players online, master extraordinary abilities, customize a growing roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats.

In a future with Super Heroes outlawed, a young Kamala Khan must reassemble the Avengers to stop AIM. Marvel’s Avengers continues the epic journey with new Heroes and new narrative delivered on an ongoing basis, for the definitive Avengers gaming experience.

Price: $59.99

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla – Gold Edition SteelBook

Lead epic Viking raids against Saxon troops and fortresses. Relive the visceral fighting style of the Vikings as you dual-wield powerful weapons.Challenge yourself with the most varied collection of enemies ever in Assassin’s Creed.

Shape the growth of your character and your clan’s settlement with every choice. Explore a Dark Age open world, from the harsh shores of Norway to the beautiful kingdoms of England.

Price: $109.99

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered

In the latest adventure in the Marvel’s Spider-Man universe, teenager Miles Morales is adjusting to his new home while following in the footsteps of his mentor, Peter Parker, as a new Spider-Man. But when a fierce power struggle threatens to destroy his new home, the aspiring hero realizes that with great power, there must also cReel 360 is not responsible for changes in product offering or price changes by vendor.ome great responsibility.

To save all of Marvel’s New York, Miles must take up the mantle of Spider-Man and own it.

Price: ($69.99)

Reel 360 is not responsible for changes in product offering or price changes by vendor.

We hope this helps your gift shopping a little bit. May whatever you celebrate be the happiest of days from the Reel 360 and Reel Chicago team!