Protokulture creates dope AICP sponsorship video


When you’re always the last stop on the AICP NEXT Awards Show tour year after year, you know you have to come hard.

There’s a reason (actually multiple) why the chatter among producers, creatives and reps, around the country,  is that Chicago is their favorite AICP city stop.

The city’s advertising peeps from agencies to production and post-houses come hard.

The 2019 show did not disappoint. In fact, when it comes to the bespoke sponsorship video created by John Michaels-led Protokulture, one could say it was pretty dope.

Or simply dope.

The graphic-driven 3-minute video Protokulture created with help from Chicago-based Camera Control, Waveplant (music) and Nick Pupillo of Visceral (choreography) is both complicated and elegant.

A group of dancers, led by an exciting modern dancer who resembles Olivia Wilde pirouettes, leaps and spins in and around logos of the AICP Midwest sponsors such as OKRP, FCB Chicago, O’Connor Casting, mcgarry bowen, and more.

Michaels paired with iconic Chicago Director of Photography Pete Biagi (Stolen Summer, Thrill Ride) to create a world akin to a Broadway show. Watch below:

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“The inspiration for the piece was fueled from the desire to create a rhythmic and physically driven piece that included the flexibility to match each sponsor’s unique branding,” Michaels told Reel 360.

He added, “Our goal was to achieve a diversity in style and color while maintaining a consistency in performance. The combination of motion control and skilled talent allowed for a degree of mastery in both the project’s process and delivery.”
After putting the pitch together, Michaels took it to the AICP.

“I pitched them (AICP) my concept of creating a motion-controlled dance sequence with instantaneous wardrobe changes and they liked the idea. We worked closely with other AICP members and additional production partners to build and refine the piece.”

After four days of rehearsals, the actual production was filmed on the Bolt High-Speed Cinebot, provided by Camera Control, the world’s leading provider of motion control equipment.

“The Bolt Hi-Speed Cinebot is the only motion control robot of its kind with track available to rent throughout the Midwest,” Daniel Herman of Camera Control told Reel 360.

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The production resulted in about 4 days of rehearsals/shooting and 3 weeks of post. Overall, the response to the final has been very positive.

At the actual AICP NEXT event held last week at Venue610, the dancers not only impressed on video, but in person as well, capturing the attention of AICP President and CEO Matt Miller, who told Reel 360, “The AICP Midwest sponsor reel used a unique approach to combine dance and logos to highlight the support of our local sponsors,” adding, “And it was great to see the dancers perform at the event, bringing the concept to life.”


Created by Protokulture
Music by Waveplant
Choreography by Visceral
Creative Director – John Michaels
Choreographer – Nick Pupillo
Director of Photography – Pete Biagi
Motion Control – Daniel Herman
Lighting Tech – Tobias Bechtloff
Wardrobe – Elizabeth Margulis
Hair / Make Up – Nora Hess
Music Composer – Joel Corelitz
Sound Design – Joe Flood
Cameras from Panavision
Stage / Lighting from Resolution Digital Studios
Bolt System from Camera Control Midwest

SOURCE: Protokulture

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