Production returns to Minnesota with guidelines

(Proper Studios establishes guidelines as production resumes)

Beginning yesterday, Governor Tim Waltz’s executive order mandating residents stay home expired. The state will slowly start to reopen under the governor’s new  “Stay Safe Minnesota” order. This essentially means non-critical businesses can reopen, however gatherings are limited to groups of 10 people or less.

According to the latests stats from the Minnesota, 15,668 Minnesotans have tested positive for COVID-19, resulting in 722 deaths.

So, if a film or commercial production were to move forward, the project would have to fall under these guidelines, making safety a priority.

Proper Studios is implementing a new COVID-19 plan in order to get back to work safely. The production company is the brainchild of Producer Tyler Clements and partner Mile Heille, who also serves as an assistant shooter and editor.

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“While it’s an encouraging sign that things are opening up it’s crucial that we proceed with utmost caution as we make our next steps. For the Film and TV industry in particular we are used to working in close proximity with each other, working with shared equipment, and eating elbow to elbow on set,” Clements told Reel 360.

Tyler Clements

He adds, “This presents a number of issues when it comes to the spread of COVID-19. So when determining how we should safely get back to work we need to first do all that we can to follow the guidelines established by government and health officials, and secondly, come up with solutions that might be unique to our industry.

While it’s easy for a crew to all wear masks, we must also take care to limit physical touch and proximity to each other whenever possible. Some crew positions require special attention, the talent being one of them. They won’t be able to wear personal protection equipment after hair and makeup is finished so extra precautions need to be taken when handling them.”

Here are Proper Studios Safety Measures:

  • Crews of less than 10 people (this includes talent and client)
  • Distancing of six feet between people is encouraged whenever possible– All crew will be provided masks.
  • Equipment will be disinfected before and after every shoot.
  • Equipment will be handled by a single person. Gloves are necessary if not possible.
  • No communal crafty or meals. Individuals will be designated crafty bags or plated meals.
  • Audio will not use Lav mics. Shotgun/Boom only.
  • Hair and Makeup must wear gloves, mask, and face shield. They must disinfect their station with each talent and use new tools when possible.
  • Crew must check and report temperature before reporting to set.

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“In this situation and others we’ve done our best to evaluate what a safe set looks like and implemented procedures to make it so. Now that the government has turned down the dial on restrictions it’s important that personal responsibility and accountability takes its place,” Clements noted.

You can inquire about production with Proper Studios here.

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SOURCE: Proper Studios