Pringles Baconator Crisps explode on Twitter

(Pringles is the newest thing to dip into Wendy’s Frosty)

Grey New York has uncovered that the urban legend that Americans love to dip their Wendy’s fries in their Frosty is true. Using that knowledge, the agency has applied the concept to Pringles Baconator crisps, a limited-edition snack that combines mouth-watering beefy, cheesy, “bacony” ingredients of Wendy’s juicy burger of the same name, has taken social media by storm.

The agency would love to do the same with the Baconator but the burger would be cumbersome, so a new treat was born – ‘The Dippable Baconator.’

A series of social videos released this week on Twitter and YouTube have introduced fans to dipping and scooping their Pringles Baconator crisps in their Frosty, thanks to their perfect size and shape.

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The phenomenon has taken off, #DippableBaconator, was the top trending term on Twitter in the US this Wednesday. As part of the activation, people can tweet ‘#DippableBaconator + ?’ and win a tube of crisps and a Frosty to dip them in delivered to their door.

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Pringles uncanny ability to recreate the favorite tastes of foodies has given the world crisps celebrating Philly cheesesteaks, spicy wontons, rotisserie chicken, Thanksgiving dinner and white chocolate peppermint for dessert.

SOURCE: Grey New York