Principal Financial Group focuses on what matters

(Courtesy TBWA\Chiat\Day)

According to a spokeswoman for the Principal Financial Group, 65% of employers plan to add new benefits to improve employee retention and saving more for retirement is the #1 financial priority for employees.

But attracting new employees and retaining current ones is at an all-time low as a result of the pandemic. The tables have been turned and it’s an employees’ market across most if not all industries. So how to keep current and attract new talent? With the right benefits. 

The goal for Principal in 2022 is to make further strides at establishing what differentiates them from competitors while evolving to a more B2B-focused brand that deeply “gets” the world of business.

With a campaign called “Benefits of Benefits,” Principal is taps into these insights with the help of creative partner, TBWA\Chiat\Day.

In the campaign, Principal brings to life stories from the lens business owners, showcasing how the right benefits helped attract and retain the right teams, having a positive impact on the overall business and their employees. Watch below:


“This campaign was created to highlight the crucial role benefits play in employees feeling taken care of and coming back to work. We set out to talk directly to business decision-makers to make them aware of the values Principal Financial Group shares and the solutions they have that can deliver real, tangible business value. Additionally, we wanted to tell human stories, so we highlighted a real Principal Financial Group client–Bob’s Red Mill–and their employees’ emotional true stories in our social extension of the campaign,” Gavin Milner, Group Creative Director, TBWA\Chiat\Day LA.

In creating the campaign, TBWA\Chiat\Day Los Angeles leveraged powerful first-party statistics and used real customer success stories from Principal to put “proof” behind why benefits are so important in gaining and retaining employees for companies. 

The films will live across TV, Streaming, & Social, with TV/Streaming showcasing how Principal can help businesses see the bigger picture helping businesses face challenges, and Social video showcasing emotional, in-depth stories from the POV of real clients like Bob’s Red Mill.

The integrated campaign includes :30s and :15s for TV, streaming as well as digital banners, and social media long and short form versions, driving the audiences to Principal properties to provide resources and tools.

This campaign speaks successfully and genuinely to Business Decision Makers of businesses of all sizes of a variety of industries. Keep an eye out for it.