Peacock announces return of Larry Wilmore

If you’re a fan of the hilarious comedian Larry Wilmore, you will be thrilled to know the former Comedy Central talk show host is headed back to late night television!

Premiering on the NBC’s streaming service, Peacock on September 18th, Wilmore’s new weekly half hour series–which he is also executive producing–will fearlessly tackle current events, bringing forth the veteran comedian’s provocative perspective.

“The show is basically about where we’re going to have that kind of conversation that we’ve been saying that we want to have,” noted a charismatic Wilmore at the recent cable press tour. “We’re going to have some interesting people in the show, and we’re also going to cover the election…it’ll be fun to cover that, and weigh-in on the important issues in the culture right now.”

Besides looking forward to having “endlessly fascinating” conversations about politics, race and gender on the show, Wilmore is also looking to cover issues that involve an underdog, and topics that don’t often get attention in the news.  

“It’s tough because when you’re on once a week and you have a limited amount of time you have to kind of be selective,” acknowledged Wilmore. “So, hopefully, over the course of many weeks we’ll try to cover as many subjects as we can. It’s a challenge to try and talk about everything. I mean, there’s so many things happening all the time, and it comes so fast, too.”

He continued: “I mean, with Trump, there’s like three different things that contradict themselves in the span of a few hours, usually, just covering the president alone, let alone all the other things. So we’re going to try our best. There’s some things we’ll be able to plan ahead of time, but there’s going to be many times where we’re going to respond in the moment, something that maybe happens that day or the day before or whatever. We’re going to try to be elastic in that way.”

 If you’ve listened to his popular podcast, Black on the Air, you know Wilmore is the kind of comedian that can be discreetly funny while delving into dark topics.

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“I see the humor in almost everything, and there have been times when that’s really gotten me in trouble,” Wilmore admitted. “Maybe I’m kind of the realistic optimist, I guess you could say. I’m not a pessimist, but I like to hope for the best but expect the worst.”

While Wilmore has been in television many years, as the creator of the comedy sitcom, “The Bernie Mac Show,” an executive producer for the ABC television series, “Black-ish,” and the co-creator of the HBO’s Insecure, there’s one thing he has never done before–launch a new show during a pandemic!

“The process is so different right now because we can’t be together. Normally, at this stage of the game, we’re just getting into some offices. You know, we’re getting to know each other, joking around, spending a lot of time with each other figuring out the show through a lot of conversations. And now with it all remotely and on Zoom or whatever, it’s just a little bizarre!” he quipped.

Because Wilmore feels “a little more detached,” it takes him a little more “focus and concentration” to feel comfortable. “As you know, as a comedian, it’s not always the easiest thing for us to do.”

Wilmore has also been working on all the Covid-related protocols that must be in place. 

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“I am going to be on a simple stage…my guests won’t be on that stage. We’re going to do the guests remotely. So, we’re figuring out how to do that look-wise and everything. But there’s going to be tons of testing going on… I think we’re trying to carve out a method of how to work in this new environment. Because it feels like we’re going to be in this environment for a while. So, right now all of it feels completely different except for the content part.”

Susan L. Hornik is an active contributor to Los Angeles Times,, InStyle, SFGate, LA Weekly, Irvine Weekly,, Los Angeles Blade, Washington Blade,, Videoage, Alo, Discover Hollywood