Spot Welders’ Bull edits ambitious Pandora campaign


Listen to this – popular music streaming app, Pandora, today announced that its redesigned mobile experience is now available for all listeners after initially rolling out to select users in October.

The new features are designed to enhance discovery and give listeners exposure to Pandora’s vast library of on-demand music and podcasts, personalized content recommendations, and a wide selection of unique programming across all tiers of service: free ad-supported, Pandora Plus, or Pandora Premium.

The features light-up alongside a sweeping, multi-channel brand campaign that boldly weaves music, humor, and a vibrant new visual identity into a fresh narrative for the beloved streaming leader.


“This campaign captures the excitement we see when our users open the new Pandora app and discover that the listening experience they’ve always loved is now even bigger, better, and more in tune with the things they love and the way they live,” shared Denise Karkos, Chief Marketing Officer at SiriusXM / Pandora.

She added, “Already, we’ve seen twice as much engagement with the new ‘For You’ discovery feed than the traditional Browse feature it replaced, with listeners enjoying access to more of Pandora’s vast catalog of on-demand content than ever before.”

The brand campaign, developed by Pandora’s in-house agency, combines humor, vibrant visuals, and relentless energy into the latest expression of Pandora’s “life is better with sound on” narrative.

Cheeky creative copy implores readers to, “Just play the damn song – you can actually do that,” or tells them, “You look nothing like you did ten years ago. Yeah, us too” with old and new images and songs from artists like H.E.R. to drive the point home.

The infectious TV spots directed by Tool of North America’s Paul Briganti and edited by Spot Welders’ Catherine Bull, featuring songs from Halsey, Tones And I, and Normani jump off the screen beneath the tagline “The All-New Pandora: Be You. We’ll Be Your Music.” Watch below:

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“This project was so much fun to work on!  The director, Paul Briganti, doesn’t come from a traditional commercial background–he makes all the digital shorts for SNL so he is used to a ridiculously fast schedule and all the constraints that come with that,” said Bull.

“For this Pandora campaign, they shot all three spots in one day (bonkers by commercial standards), so there wasn’t a ton of footage but the production was so nimble and efficient, they were able to get exactly what they needed for each spot.  And these spots really hang on the performances and the humor and grace of the choreography. They did such a good job with all that, that the editing was truly a joy.   I loved working with Paul, with such great actors, such great choreography and of course the music.  When you’re cutting a spot to music, you listen to the track a billion times, and it is a testament to these artists that I never ever got sick of the songs.  Each night I would wake up with a different one playing in my head, and it always made me smile,” she added.

“This campaign is all about showing our listeners that Pandora is still the service they know and love, but it looks and feels a whole lot different — a whole lot better. The product is at the center, and we are highlighting the personalized, on-demand content Pandora users want, but may not know we have,” explained Brad Minor, VP of Brand Marketing, Creative & Communications at Pandora. “We’re celebrating our listeners in their everyday lives and demonstrating how Pandora has the unique ability to transform each moment by adding the exact right soundtrack at the exact right time.”

Color timing was completed by Shipping+ Handling’s Matthew Schwab. Casey Price, Creative Supervisor and VFX Supervisor, told Reel 360, “”The production was a smooth running operation thanks to the preparations of director Paul Briganti and DP Wyatt Troll. The major challenge of this shoot was how to light and create the transformation look in the Van Nuys FlyAway terminal, which is essentially a large bus station with a huge ceiling and glass walls. There were quite a few restrictions with the location in terms of where we could put lights and there was a limited opportunity to add atmosphere. We were able to assist in creating the director/agency’s vision by augmenting the lighting with selective color grading and well as lens flares and smoke. It definitely ended up looking much more stylized and magic than an average Tuesday night in Van Nuys. ”

Besides traditional media, Pandora will produce large-scale experiential events, including the unveiling of interactive street murals in key markets, and a live-streamed concert with Halsey that will transform New York’s Times Square into a massive silent disco.

In the following weeks, Pandora will also continue to partner with top-tier artists to create immersive experiences across the U.S., leading up to one of the biggest Pandora / SiriusXM concerts to-date during the biggest weekend in sports.


AGENCY: In-house


OOH AGENCY: Boyce: Mangin

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tool of North America
Video Director: Paul Briganti

EDIT: Spot Welders
Editor: Catherine Bull
Managing Director/Executive Producer: Carolina Padilla
Managing Partner: David Glean

C.D./VFX Supervisor: Casey Price
Lead Flame Artist: Chris Moore
C.D./Flame Artist: Jerry Spivack
Flame Artist: Paul Heagney
Colorist: Matthew Schwab
Executive Producer/Producer: Scott Friske
Managing Partner: David Glean

SOURCE: Spot Welders