Panavision congratulates Academy Gold intern grads


Panavision, which has supported the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences diversity and inclusion program, sent out congratulations to the graduates of the Gold Internship Program.

The Academy Gold Program is a multi-tiered educational and experiential initiative designed to enhance and extend an industry-wide diversity internship enhancement program under the Academy brand.

The initiative affords top film entertainment, technology, production services and digital media companies an all-inclusive pass to recruit and educate a nationwide pool of diverse talent.

The program offers interns exclusive access to Academy members, industry professionals, screenings, and educational workshops offering an inclusive industry networking experience.

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Back in July, students selected by the program were hosted by Panavision at their global headquarters in Woodland Hills. Students began their day with an optics presentation by lens guru Dan Sasaki. He explained how the eye sees using depth cues and the aesthetic characteristics of anamorphic lens technology, among other insights.

The students were treated to an exclusive tour of the manufacturing and prep zones – including some surprise historic items being pulled from the archive.

To wrap up the day, multi-Emmy nominee Michael Goi, ASC presented a lighting workshop. Goi discussed the thought process and considerations for setting the mood of a scene, using the DXL2 and zooms lenses, and answered questions from the aspiring students.

Source: Panavision