The Obama’s Netflix deal is great news for Netflix viewers


“President Barack Obama
and Michelle Obama
have entered into
a multi-year agreement
to produce films
and series for Netflix

Twitter, 9:00 AM – 21 May 2018

According to the statement above, which was posted on Netflix’ Twitter account today, President and First Lady Obama will soon be in show business.

Although the Tweet described the content as “potentially including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features,” a later story by CNN added that the Obamas would appear “on camera as hosts or moderators” and also work behind the scenes beginning in 2019.

The announcement could not have come at a more perfect time: with a massive and growing worldwide fan base, the Obamas offer a huge potential audience.

In January, the Boston Globe reported that the President Obama has grown more popular since leaving office, with “Twitter posts (that) are often among the most read in the world” and a “societal standing (that) has reached a new echelon.”

He is credited with establishing the Affordable Care Act, a landmark piece of legislation that provided health care for 20 million Americans and set a record for the amount of people receiving coverage in the country.

The President was also one of the main architects of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, an agreement to reduce the number of Iranian nuclear weapons that was signed by seven nations and, for a time, was credited for warming the relations between the United States and Iran.

Although these achievements have been minimized and reversed by the current administration, they may actually become more popular as cherished memories of a bygone era. That tends to happen in the political world.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s celebrity is on the rise as well. The native Chicagoan who earned a law degree from Harvard was described by Nick Cannon as “my ‘Forever First Lady’” in a 2017 Forbes article, and the nickname was greeted with approval by her fans.

This past March, her portrait in the Smithsonian museum was relocated to accommodate the “high volume of visitors” queuing up to view it.

By merely going about their everyday lives, the Obamas have become an informal hit reality show in their own right. With the signing of the Netflix deal, they can officially help restore a touch of the class, honor, and modesty that seems to have disappeared from the country in January 2016.

And if that doesn’t work, President Obama can always fall back on his singing career.


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