NFT characters star in Kia’s new creative from DnG

(Courtesy David&Goliath)

This summer Kia is bringing back a whole lot of soul, with a new crew taking over the wheel straight from the block… chain. In the latest campaign, “Built For Whoever You Are,” created by David&Goliath, Kia launches the all-new 2023 Kia Soul in collaboration with DASK— a collection of NFTs as iconic as the Soul they’re driving in.

The Kia creative supports a modern twist with a QR code embedded in the :30 hero spot that went live Friday, July 15. Powered by the Sweet NFT platform, when viewers scan the code with a smartphone, they can easily obtain one of 10,100 Kia-themed NFTs that will be seamlessly deposited and stored in their own Sweet blockchain wallet. The 10,100 NFTs include 100 special edition generative DASK + Kia-themed NFTs, inspired by both the design details of the new 2023 Kia Soul and the DASK NFTs featured in the spot. 

In the ad, we meet DASK, unique, 3D computer-generated NFT characters that practically jump off the screen thanks to the artistry of Philippe André of production company REVERIE and special effects by KEVIN. The playful trio take on the evening in their perfectly suited ride, the Kia Soul— a vehicle built for whoever you are.

Jamming to the musical track Skeletons by the up-and-coming indie alternative band, Easy Life, we follow the 3 featured NFT characters entering the real world as they experience the simple pleasures life has to offer on a journey uniquely their own. The trio pick up burgers from a star-struck drive-through attendant and drive up the canyon to enjoy their candle-lit meal overlooking a beautiful city view. Watch below:

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“With Kia, we want the work to be as innovative as the vehicles themselves. So, we thought, what if we could be the first to take a few NFTs for a ride. Living, breathing, and of course driving, like never before,” said Ben Purcell Chief Creative Officer at David&Goliath. “And who better to capture the multi-hyphenate Soul driver than the DASK skeletons who embrace individuality. Because after all, whoever you are, or where you come from, all that matters is that you have a soul.”

Purcell added, “We couldn’t have brought this to life without the vision of director Phillipe André at REVERIE and VFX specialists at KEVIN who found a way to animate the NFTs like never before.” 

“From the outset, my intention was to create empathy in the DASK NFT characters, fully bringing them to life,” said director Philippe André, REVERIE. “Showing them having fun together, showing skeletons having a Soul! Creating this playful story has been a thrilling journey with David&Goliath and our partners at KEVIN. I am thankful for the great team we had on this one.”

Additional campaign elements include 23/:07, :15, :08/:07, :06 cutdowns of the Kia Soul spot for broadcast and streaming video as well as social support and digital, which went live on July 1st


CLIENT: Kia of North America

AGENCy: David&Goliath 

  • Founder & Creative Chairman: David Angelo 
  • Executive Creative Director: Mark Monteiro 
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  • Executive Art Producer: Cara Nieto 
  • Executive Print Producer: Jenny Wu 


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  • Partner / Executive Producer: Cathleen O’Conor Stern 
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AUDIO: Margarita Mix 

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Licensed Music

Song –Skeletons 

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Licensed by –  Universal Music Publishing Group and Universal Music Enterprises 

Performed by –  Easy Life 

Courtesy of –  Interscope Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises 

Dead Army Skeleton Klub NFT: 

Creator: Bibble 

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