New Silk Ultra campaign features Phelps, Raisman


Silk’s new campaign, produced by Lightning Orchard, spotlights the fierce power of plant-based nutrition with beast-level strength athletes, Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman, to introduce Silk ULTRA, one of the first multi-serve protein beverages on the market with 20 grams of complete plant-based protein for muscle repair and maintenance.

There’s a common misconception that you need to eat meat to build muscle. If we’ve learned anything from the animal kingdom, it’s that some of the world’s strongest animals are herbivores.

“Many consumers are seeking ways to incorporate more plants into their diets while getting the protein they need to fuel their active lifestyles. Through our new campaign, we’re spotlighting the power of plant-based nutrition with Aly Raisman and Michael Phelps, two athletes with beast-level strength, to introduce Silk ULTRA, one of the first multi-serve beverages on the market with 20 grams of complete plant-based protein for muscle repair and maintenance,” Andrew Hartshorn, SVP, Plant-Based Food & Beverages

In these new spots, Silk juxtaposes Phelps and Raisman with various wild beasts to illustrate the animalistic power of plant-based, proving that Silk ULTRA supports performance of some of the most athletic humans. This creative will be shared on OLV, FEP and Silk social channels starting this week. 

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“While our species may have a bias against more plants for strength and performance, the animal world teems with counterexamples. Outdated ideas are fun to deflate. Plenty of beasts get beast on plants, and—palm to forehead—we beasts are no different,” Jeff Kling, Chief Creative Officer, Lightning Orchard told Reel 360.

In addition to new creative, Silk ULTRA will give fitness enthusiasts the gym gear they need to keep crushing the game – from the convenience of their home – through hard-to-get equipment such as kettlebells, free weights, resistance bands, and an ample supply of Silk ULTRA to take them through the year.

But to enter, they must unleash their inner beast mode by completing one of two 10-minute, high-intensity ULTRA Sweat Sessions, hosted byMichael Phelps and Aly Raisman.


CLIENT: Danone North America 

  • Carlos Veraza, President, Danone North America
  • Andrew Hartshorn, SVP, Plant-Based Food & Beverages 
  • Dan Hamilton, VP, Brand Elevation 
  • Derek Neeley, Senior Marketing Director, Silk
  • David Robinson Senior Brand Manager, Silk 
  • Travis Hayes, Brand Manager, Silk 
  • Allison Ingalls, Senior Manager, Brand Elevation 
  • Jordan Hunt, Marketing Manager, Brand Elevation 
  • Alexis Harris, Associate Brand Manager, Silk

AGENCY: Lightning Orchard 

  • Jeff Kling, Founder, Chief Creative Officer
  • Barney Robinson, Founder, Chief Executive Officer 
  • Laura Janness, Founder, Chief Strategy Officer 
  • Jimm Lasser, Executive Creative Director 
  • Grady Linnihan, Writer 
  • Perry Morton, Art Director 
  • Sherri Levy, Head of Production
  • Theresa Reyes, Senior Producer 
  • Lucie Kittel, Account Director 

PR: ICF Next 

Maria Opatz, Account Supervisor 


  • Elle Ginter, Director
  • Preston Lee, Executive Producer
  • Adam Litt, Head of Production
  • Claire McGirr, Line Producer

POST: ArtJail

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  • Neil Gust, Editor
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  • John Skeffington, EP
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  • Dayung Jo, Jeremy Lloyd-Styles, Eric Conception, Kyle Andal, 2D Compositors
  • Juan Barquet, 3D
  • Jaime Flores, 2D Design/Animation: 
  • Clinton Homuth, Colorist

AUDIO: Heard City

  • Keith Reynaud, Sound Engineer:   
  • Jeremy Siegel, Sound Engineer:
  • Jackie James, Executive Producer
  • Andi Lewis, Producer

MUSIC: New Math 

  • Raymond Lowey, Composer
  • B Muñoz, Producer
  • Kala Sherman, Executive Producer