New Air Wick campaign benefits WWF

(New Air Wick work benefits WWF)

Our friends at Havas New York have launched a new ad campaign for Air Wick called “One Square Foot,” which announces the brand’s commitment to restore and protect nature.

One Square Foot celebrates the partnership between Air Wick Scented Oils and World Wildlife Fund, which will reseed 1 billion square-feet of native wildflowers and grassland habitats in the Northern Great Plains over the next three years and encourage consumers to give back to nature by inspiring them to plant one square foot of wildflowers native to their local community.

Directed by BlinkInk’s Catherine Prowse, the spot celebrates how small actions can make a big difference in our world in an incredibly unique way: 

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How’d They Do That?

To pull off this new effort, Havas collaborated with BlinkInk, the world’s top stop motion production company, using hundreds of thousands of micro shots to create the story of preserving wildflowers

Each scene consists of miniature props and puppets that were hand-crafted from environmentally friendly materials, natural based paints and recycled paper to create a unique story. The creatures featured were reflective of the actual wildlife that inhabits Northern Great Plains

Some of London’s top puppeteers worked for over 200 hours on set design, 150 hours of paper folding, 100 hours of stop-motion cinematography and 25 puppets to bring the spot to life.

The goal of this campaign will help restore and protect the Northern Great Plains, one of the last remaining regions that still retains much of its original plant and animal life, protects clean water and air, stores carbon, and is home to communities who depend on its health for their livelihoods.

In addition, Air Wick is encouraging consumers to join in and do their part to restore one of the critical components that nature needs to survive by planting wildflowers native to their communities.


CLIENT: Air Wick

  • Chris Tedesco – Chief Marketing Officer, Hygiene 
  • Raheel Dhaduk – Vice President Marketing 
  • Laura Stempa – Senior Brand Manager
  • Tina Cao – Brand Manager


  • Dan Lucey – CCO
  • Laura Maness – CEO
  • Tim Maleeny – President & Chief Strategy Officer
  • Pam Kim – Executive Creative Director
  • E Slody – Creative Director, Copy
  • Jon Randazzo – Creative Director, Art
  • Richard Douek – Associate Creative Director, Copy
  • Fernando Mattei – Associate Creative Director, Art
  • Morgan Seamark – Managing Director & Head of Account Management
  • Casey Ritts – Global Client Partner
  • Nicholas Widmer – Account Supervisor
  • Cathy Pitegoff – Head of Production
  • Joyce Roughley – Executive Broadcast Producer
  • Charles Williams – Junior Producer
    Alexis DeMontaigu – Head of Strategic Planning
  • Jessica Joseph – Strategy Director


  • Director – Catherine Prowse
  • Producer – Gareth Owen
  • Executive Producer – Bart Yates
  • Editor – Jamie Harris
  • DoP – Simon Jacobs
  • Puppet Modeler – Adeena Grubb
  • Set Dresser – Alice Simonato
  • Modelmaker – Natalie Jones
  • Modelmaker – Megan Hursthouse
  • Modelmaker – Mara Frampton
  • Modelmaker – Tina Luo
  • Animator – Stephen Warne
  • Animator – Andy Biddle
  • Animator – Tim Allen
  • Set Build – Button London
  • Head of Sets – Damian Pajak and Rohan Wadham
  • Set builder – Steve Simmonds

VISUAL EFFECTS – TeamDigital VFX and Pineapple VFX Ltd

COLOR – Connor Coolbear


  • Composers – Beacon Street Studios; Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau
  • Music Producer – Lindsey Lerman
  • Sound Design/Mix Engineer – Rommel Molina
  • SD/Mix Senior Producer – Kate Vadnais


  • Concept Artist – Jordan Bruner
  • Voice over – Jessica Kaliban