Mika tears into Donald Trump during ‘Morning Joe’

(Photo by: Nathan Congleton/MSNBC)

She tore into the President with the same intensity the Orange-faced one may inhale one of his three McDonald’s Fish Filet sandwiches. Friday morning, Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski, verbally beat down President Donald Trump, urging his supporters and enablers to “wake up and not be so “stupid.”

Listing the many ways Trump is dangerously impacting the country, the MSNBC co-host said, “There’s clear disdain that I have for this president, but look at the facts. Look at how he’s worn us down, from his paid-off porn star to Russia lies to racism in Charlottesville, racism across the board, children in cages… I mean lie after lie after lie.”

She didn’t stop there, continuing, “Conspiracy theories. Our country right now is really at a breaking point. If we don’t find a way to hold this president accountable with his attempts to undermine the Post Office and also his apparent negligence — perhaps purposeful —  on saving the American people’s lives in this pandemic. You are pathetic at this point.”

Watch the fun below:

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“How stupid can you be, at this point, if you follow this president?” she demanded at one point. “I beg you not to be, for your life!”

Brzezinski went on, accusing Trump of “choosing not to” keep people alive amid the coronavirus pandemic and accusing his fellow GOP lawmakers of letting it happen.

Trump’s latest lie (if you’re keeping a tally), which GOP lawmakers have enabled, is the return of his ridiculous “Birtherism” controversy, accusing Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris of not being born in the United States.

Suddenly, Oakland California is not a part of this country?

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Brzezinski’s anti-Trump remarks lasted the almost duration of her three-hour show.