Migros holiday spot introduces cutest drone ever

(Meet Robin the Drone in Migros holiday spot)

Back in 2018, a small, animated elf won over people’s hearts in Migros‘ Holiday campaign. In 2019, it was an owl. And this year, the Swiss supermarket has chosen to put a modern spin on things, as they have made an animated drone by the name of Robin the main character of their Christmas spot. And somehow, this drone is one of the cutest things we’ve seen.

The film’s premise is centered around a bunch of Migros delivery drones, seemingly with feelings and all, that carry around groceries and spread joy. From here, the narrative covers classic themes like loneliness, hospitality, and Christmas spirit. 

All of this is conveyed through the main character, Robin the Christmas Drone, who must be in The Cute Robot Hall of Fame for its adorable smile and all-around kind gestures. Watch below:

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Not since Disney Pixar’s Wall-E has there been a robot this cute. Robin was made by BaconX, and the film is directed by Martin Werner, produced by Pumpkin Film, and made with Wirz Zürich as agency.



  • Regie: Martin Werner
  • DoP: Manel Ruiz
  • Executive Producer: Stefanie Brand
  • Editor: Alexander Jurkat
  • Postproduction Producer Pumpkin Film: Steffi Beck


  • Creative Director BaconX: Jan Tvilling
  • VFX Producer BaconX: Louise Bejerholm
  • Colorist BaconX: Hannibal Lang
  • Music composer: Jorrit Kleijnen
  • Sound FX: Kevin Koch
  • Postproduction Versioning: Südlich-t