Michael Winship elected President of WGA-East

WGA East

The Writers Guild of America East (WGA East) has announced the results of the guild’s 2021 Council election. While Michael Winship, who represents the Inclusion and Experience Slate, was elected President, the election saw seven of the 11 open seats won by opposing pro-organizing Solidarity Slate.

This year, there were nine open Council seats, six (6) Freelance and three (3) Staff, as well as the offices of President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. Freelance members work in screen and television, and Staff members work in television, radio and digital news shops under the Guild’s jurisdiction.

Winship and Cullen’s seats will be taken for one year by Inclusion and Experience candidates David Simon, creator of The Wire, and House of Cards writer Tian Jun Gu. Joining Winship and Cullen as officers is incoming secretary-treasurer Christopher Kyle, also ran unopposed on the Inclusion and Experience slate.

The following members were elected to serve as Officers:

  • President – Michael Winship (1,299 votes)
  • Vice President – Lisa Takeuchi Cullen (1,313)
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Christopher Kyle (1,303)

Elected as Freelance members on the Council:

  • Josh Gondelman (i) (1,130)
  • Sasha Stewart (1,080)
  • Liz Hynes (1,070)
  • Lauren Ashley Smith (1,030)
  • Benjamin Rosenblum (1,024)
  • Tracey Scott Wilson (963)
  • David Simon (i) (v) (917)
  • Tian Jun Gu (v) (905)

Elected as Staff members on the Council:

  • Kim Kelly (i) (1,056)
  • Sara David (1,038)
  • Hamilton Nolan (i) (1,036)

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The Inclusion and Experience candidates support a pause which was implemented by the council on any new digital news organizing until a recently established subcommittee can meet with WGAE members and consider a possible restructuring of the guild’s membership. I&E argues believes the uptick surge in digital organizing, places screenwriters in the position of becoming a minority in the guild.

Solidarity supports digital organizing, arguing it must continue to build WGA East’s voice as a labor force.