Meet the 2021 Lexus — Arianna Lexus that is

(Arianna Lexus is this week’s Woman in Film)

I have driven Lexuses many times, but I have never met a driven like actress Arianna Lexus. The super-charged Chicagoan describes herself as, “a whole lot of tough in a tiny package with the most infectious smile!” She doesn’t mention what a great sense of humor she has. I found that out personally when Arianna performed in a table read for my own rom-com, Deerly Beloved, in 2018.

The word on the street is this butt-kickin’ (her words, not mine) beauty has it all with a wide range and seamless transformation abilities on screen.

Arianna has proven that she possesses enough range to play “The Girl Next Door to the Assassin You Would Never Want Near You.” Whatever the role, you can be sure she dives deep into even the most eccentric of roles. Always looking for new ways to challenge herself and perfect her craft including accents, fight training and stunts! Who is she? Think Mila Kunis meets Milla Jovovich with a side of Kristen Wiig. Love Child of Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie.

We had a chance to sit with Arianna and learn about everything from her last name and her craft to playing our new game EFF, MARRY, KILL – The Netflix Edition.

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Arianna, your last name is Lexus. Do you drive one?

Funny, I actually get asked that question ALOT! I used to drive a Lexus for a few years and loved it, however currently a Range Rover has my heart… Sorry Lexus.

Would you feel screwed if your last name was PT Cruiser, Dodge Dart or Yugo?

Hell no! I would rock any of those last names especially Yugo… kinda like the sound of that it’s hot!

When did you decide, “I have got to do this acting thing no matter what?

Ever since I can remember I knew this was what I was supposed to do, but it wasn’t until 2014 and I know this is going to sound cliché, but I had a dream where someone was literally yelling at me to just go for it and it was a now or never situation!

I’m a firm believer that the universe is always helping us navigate life by sending messages in various forms and as long as we are open to receive these signs they will be revealed. I’m an empath and a very intuitive person so I knew exactly what that dream meant.

I quit my job that day and chose to be fully dedicated to my craft and so began this crazy, insane, most perfect journey and I haven’t looked back since! I wouldn’t change a damn thing it’s been one wild ride!

How do you prepare for a role?

I’m a method actor so besides the obvious memorization I strongly focus on the emotional depth of my character. I am an all or nothing kind of gal so best believe I fully embody all my roles and connect with the habitual behaviors and emotions of that character.

Let’s be real… we’ve all been through some shit, right?? Well, I use a lot of my own personal experiences mixed with the life of my character add in a lot of creative imagination and the result should be a character you know better than the writer! Why?

Because the writer has the “vision” and the actor’s job is to take that vision and bring it to life!! I live for that creative process!!

What keeps you in Chicago? Why haven’t you left for LA yet?

Great question! Honestly I have no f**king clue! Listen I love my city it’s beautiful and it will always be my home, but as I write this in 20-degree weather, I’ve got to question some of my life choices like why the hell I’m still sitting in this cold as state and not drinking a Margarita on a beach somewhere getting a tan?

I do travel a lot, so Cali is already my second home but I’d be lying if I told you I was staying here. Lets just say I have my bags packed and one foot out the door! I will be permanently moving out of Chicago this year it’s bittersweet.

Haut Photography

How did the pandemic and quarantine affect you? How are you different?

Besides the extreme isolation and of course the everyday outfit of Pj’s mixed with quarantine hair not to mention the fact that all my projects that were greenlit came to a complete stop…I’d say not so bad( In my Borat voice) NOT!

My whole world was turned upside down as everyone’s was. I’m a hugger, avid traveler, adventure junkie, and lover of experiencing life to the fullest while meeting new people and spreading love, sharing laughter, and telling stories so this whole isolation thing is just a BIG NO for me.

The pajama part I kind of got used to… the quarantine hair I’m working on it. On a more serious note, though it’s honestly hard to talk about but the pandemic has changed my whole perspective on many things. I lost three people to Covid in the past 6 months and I’m still trying to process it.

We’re so sorry.

Thank you. My heart is broken and goes out to everyone as our world suffers this unimaginable loss of life. I just feel so sad for our country right now… everyone is so divided in a time where we need unity more than ever.

Also, if I might add a HUGE personal f**k you to all negative news… here’s an idea how about spreading some positivity into our extremely fragile and broken society? Just a thought. 

Going forward I plan on continuing to live in the moment, be thankful for everything and everyone in my life and just like in the movie, Yes Man, I decided 2021 is going to be a “yes” type of year making every minute count!

Do you feel like you gained any strength from losing those close to you?

Oh yes. Losing three extremely close people to Covid has really reminded me just how precious life is. Even though life seems unfair at times it’s not those easy moments that has shaped me into the strong, empowered woman I am today. It’s the extremely tough times through the tears and pain that make you stronger. I’m inspired to continue doing what I love and refuse to give up no matter how trying a time because I know that I was given this gift and plan on living out my life’s purpose to the fullest!

Let’s shift. What’s the worst thing a casting director ever said to you?

Pure silence… I was having a day from hell you know one of those days where everything that can go wrong will? I barely made it to my audition that was 2 hrs away and I get inside all ready to rock regardless of my shitty day and BAM they call me back and tell me they changed the role of what was supposed to be a lead to a f**king zombie and tell me ok act like a zombie and talk zombie talk?? Whaaattt?

Rob Hogland

I was so disappointed but did it anyway and I’m sure they could tell I wasn’t into it at all so then I finish and instead of thanking me for being vulnerable and making a fool out of myself  (just try to “be” a zombie seriously right now just do it I’m pretty sure if you did you are confused and laughing really loud and so is everyone around you!) instead I just have 5 sets of eyes staring at me in complete utter silence…ugggghhh!  

Did you recover with adult beverages or determination?

Usually, I would use determination, however that day there was definitely some adult beverages involved.

What’s the best thing a casting director ever said to you?

Best experience ever hands down was at an audition for a suspense thriller when I received a standing ovation from the casting director along with 6 others involved with the film yelling and clapping offering me whatever role I wanted on the spot! Damn that was a good day! I walked out of that audition feeling so high on life!

Fun fact I got a nail in my tire on the way to audition and would’ve missed out on that experience had I not been determined to get there no matter what… the takeaway don’t ever let anything get in the way of pursuing your dreams!

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Give us your pep talk before you go into an audition

Hey you gorgeous bitch… haha no I’m just kidding. Before every audition I simply envision myself getting the role and remind myself that I was born for this and most importantly to have fun and just be me. Pretty simple right?

I wish I can be all dramatic and say I’m one of those you better get this role because your life depends on it but no, I’m more realistic with my approach we have to enjoy the journey because in the end it’s not all about where you are in that moment it’s how you got there and where you came from.

It’s time to play – DRUMROLL – EFF, Marry or Kill Netflix Shows 

Sooooo I can’t categorize Netflix into only one of those because there are just too many damn shows on Netflix I have opinions about… some I love some not so much it’s like your typical relationship it’s a little bit of everything am I right??

Here are a few specific shows I’d put into these categories!

F**k: Extraction — Strong Plot, Badass Fight Choreography, HMMM “Chris Hemsworth” Need I say more??

Marry: The Queens Gambit There was such a huge commitment to creating this series and it was well worth the wait!! She said YES YES YES to everything about this show!

Kill: The Midnight Sky So I Love Love Love George Clooney maybe that’s why I was so disappointed with this film it was just lacking emotion all around it felt like almost two hours of nothingness. I still Love ya George!

Which haunted house will you spend a night in? The Overlook Hotel, Bly Manor or Hill House?

Hands down The Overlook Hotel I am a huge Steven King fan and as much as I love Bly Manor and Hill House there’s just nothing like the classics!

Dave Pruett

How many tats do you have and where?

I have 3 tats, the famous “tramp stamp” as they call it and then one on top of my right foot and one on my left ankle.

Any badass projects you want to share?

I’m extremely excited I got the go ahead to announce that I have been cast in the role of Azarah in the Fantasy Action Adventure TV Series, “Realm of the Waterfall”! My character is a warrior in the House of Madera which is the main house on the show. We will be filming in the Canary Islands this June/July! Stay tuned this is definitely a show you don’t want to miss!

When do you make your Oscar acceptance speech?

I’m going to claim it for 2022 I’m a numbers person and 2022 is symbolic for success. It is a sign that success is on the way and all your dreams will come true if you continue to work on yourself and be as ambitious as you were until now. Regardless if this plays out, I love goal setting and I’m putting it out into the world now lets manifest the shit out of this!!!

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We have a feeling it’s already manifested, Arianna. We are 100% sure the next time we interview her it will be in our Celebrity section. Follow Arianna here.

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