McGarryBowen creates a natural winner for Burt’s Bees

McGarryBowen helped introduce Burt’s Bees Beauty, a new makeup line from Burt’s Bees, with a celebration of the female dynamic and a focus on wholesome ingredients.

Spanning TV, print, and digital, I Am Not Synthetic combines a multicultural lineup of women with colorful shots of product and soothing images of nature in a campaign that launched on Oct. 16

“A woman can be anything she pleases, but the one thing she is not is synthetic,” explain Creative Directors Allison Miller and Kelly Jenkins. “So we posed the question: if you are not synthetic, why would you use beauty products that are?”

The answer includes sunflowers, honeybees, and raspberries, as seen in the 30-second spot, I Am Not Synthetic. Energetically cut with images of feminine beauty and glamorous footage of eye shadow, powder, and lipstick, the montage comes off like a joyful music video.

The print campaign extends the focus with striking photography and headlines that include “I Am a Million Things” and “I Am Not Synthetic.”

In a marketplace where clever visuals have occasionally supplanted common sense, McGarryBowen has succeeded by highlighting the obvious and genuine beauty of women.

“Many people want to achieve a natural makeup look, yet they are still using products made mostly with unnatural, synthetic chemicals,” says Burt’s Bees Associate Director of Marketing, Lauren Aplin. “Through our I Am Not Synthetic campaign, we hope to offer an accessible alternative that allows women to feel good about the products they’re using to enhance their natural beauty.”

Agency: McGarryBowen
   Chief Creative Officer Chicago: Kurt Fries
   Creative Director, Art: Allison Miller
   Creative Director, Copy: Kelly Jenkins
   Senior Art Director: Allison Bulow
   Copywriter: Kristen Manias
   Director of Content Production: Steve Ross
   Senior Producer: Justin Lee
   Music Licensing Supervisor: Stephen Stallings
   Director of Business Affairs: Joann Baker
   Business Manager: Jillian Wisniewski
   Group Managing Director: Lindsey Schmidt
   Account Director: Nicole Elfstrom
   Account Executive: Samantha Lieberman
   Chief Strategic Officer: Conner Huber

Production Company: Superprime Films
   Executive Producer: Rebecca Skinner
   Director: Loren Denis

Post Production: Nomad Editing Company
   Editor: Amanda Moreau

Post Producer: Sheena Wagaman
   Color Artist: Ron Sudul – Nice Shoes
   Audio Engineer: Marina Bacci – Optimus