Mathematic VFX adds up to stunning Lacoste spot

(Mathematic takes Reel 360 behind the scenes in fx heavy Lacoste spot)

A pair of lovers volley for each other’s affection atop a picturesque bridge in Lacoste’s passionately playful new spot “Match Point.” Directed by creative duo We Are From LA of Iconoclast for French ad agency BETC, the commercial is elevated to unexpected heights with CG visuals by Paris-based VFX studio Mathematic.

The company’s talented creative and technical team has worked on award-winning commercial campaigns for clients that include Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, Nike and Lancome and music videos for artists that include Beck, Rita Ora, Coldplay, Dua Lipa and more. 

In “Match Point,” Mathematic artists delivered photo-real effects, from subtle environments to the spot’s lofty crescendo, to help realize the grounded narrative that ascends into fantasy.

Ahead of the project’s on-location shoot, the Mathematic team worked with production to develop a detailed previs animation that was closely followed over the three days of filming, with Mathematic VFX Supervisor Yann Aldabe providing on-set support.

For the most creative flexibility, Mathematic artists created a CG replica of the practical bridge using photogrammetry combined with 2D and 3D CG enhancement to craft the background city skyscape. Watch below:

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“We knew the bridge was going to be a character itself in the project so we focused on creating a high fidelity version of it that would allow for us to seamlessly connect the story as well as visually distinguish the two sides,” notes Sebastián Eyherabide, VFX Producer, Mathematic VFX.

“Even though more than 90-percent of the spot features CG, our goal was to keep our efforts invisible. The final shot was especially tricky in that we had to convey this spectacular feeling from the girl’s leap but still keep her character readable with the entire city at her back,” adds Eyherabide.

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CLIENT: Lacoste


  • TV Producer : Karim Naceur / Slim Trabelsi
  • Creative Directors : Olivier Aumard
  • Conception Redaction : Nathalie Dupont
  • Senior Art Director : Francis De Ligt
  • Account Manager : Constance Nacfaire


  • Director : WAFLA
  • Producer : Charlotte Marmion
  • Head of Postproduction : Guillaume Larose
  • Postproducer : David Lezaun / Cyril Bordesoulle
  • Editor : Walter Mauriot

VFX : Mathematic

  • Executive Producer : Guillaume Marien
  • VFX Producer : Sebastián Eyherabide
  • Postproduction coordinators : Jeremy Dumetre / Nikita SAINI
  • VFX Supervisor : Yann Aldabe
  • VFX On-set Supervisor : Yann Aldabe
  • Lead Flame artists : Olivier Zibret
  • Flame Assistant : Antoine Hache
  • Lead Compositor : Niranjan Siva
  • Compositors : Sophie Roques, Raphaël Rossant, Arnaud Laplace
  • Tracking : Yvan Galtié
  • Matte Painting : Stephanie D’Argent
  • 3D Artists : David Labelle, Philippe Gonzalez, Pierre Masseron, Ludovic Schocron 
  • In/Out : Vincent Goy
  • Colorist : Mathieu Caplanne

SOURCE: Mathematic