Marvel teases a new Cap in final trailer for TFATWS

(Will Anthony Mackie wear the stars and stripes?)

Tonight at midnight, Disney+ will unload on us the final episode of the thrilling The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. And as expected, it’s filled with action and emotion as Sam (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky’s (Sebastian Stan) first journey together comes to an end.

Most of the footage is from earlier episodes, the final shot gives us a brief glimpse of Sam taking flight in the new costume Bucky (Sebastian Stan) procured for him from the Wakandans towards the end of last Friday’s penultimate chapter. Watch belowa:

As with WandaVision, there should still be some surprises as Sam and Bucky face the Flagsmashers and possibly Wyatt Russell’s John Walker (US Agent). Will Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Madama Hydra be revealed as the mysterious Power Broker? Or will it be Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp)?

And is the suddenly likable Baron Zemo (Daniel Brühl) really imprisoned for good on now The Raft?

Of course the biggest question is will Sam fully embrace the Captain America mantle or will he continue to believe America isn’t ready for a Black Cap?

We will find out at midnight.

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