Magnum shows what a retirement community should look like

(Courtesy Bacon Productions)

Madrid, Spain-based Lola MullenLowe has teamed with Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm-based Bacon Productions’ director Martin Werner to create a lovely spot for Magnum Icecream.

Called Residence, the spot features the classic song The Good Life by Tony Bennett. We follow a coiffed gentleman as he lands his prop plane on the lawn of a lush mansion, called The Pleasure Residence. Upon entering the grand mansion, he immediately catches the eye of a beautiful senior resident, who is riding up the stairs while she indulges in Magnum.

After he dons an impeccable suit, he goes on a search for her. On the way, he passes other seniors indulging in fun and games, all while enjoying Magnums. The spot finally ends with the tagline, “You can get old or get classic,” positioning Magnum as a classic pleasure. In this spot, it certainly is. Watch below:

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CLIENT: Magnum

AGENCY: Lola MullenLowe

Creative Director :  Tomas Ostiglia 


  • Directed by Martin Werner 
  • Produced by Proppa (Propaganda Producciones ) 
  • Executive Producer: Pablo Martinez 
  • Line Producer: Cristina Sancayo
  • Service Production Company: Ready to Shoot (Portugal) 
  • Line Producer RTS.: Margarida Adonis 
  • Director of Photography: Nicolaj Bruel
  • Production Designer: Peter Grant 
  • Art Director: Pedro Santarem 
  • Stylist: Melanie Buchave 
  • Makeup: Manel Rosa 
  • Editing: Nicolaj Monberg 
  • Post-production: Bacon X 
  • Color: Bacon X  
  • Sound Design: Ballad

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