Recap: Lost in Space is back with new episodes!

Lost in Space
(Judy, Will, Penny)

On April 13, 2018 we were gifted 10 episodes of an amazing, and sorely underrated, reboot of the 1965 classic series Lost in Space streaming on Netflix. Eager fans immediately fell in love with the new story and the show was renewed for a second season, just one month after the series dropped.

In March 2020 after three months of waiting after season 2 of Lost in Space dropped on December 24, 2019, Netflix announced the show was renewed for a third season and unfortunately the final one for the series.

All 10 episodes of the third and final season of Lost in Space dropped on December 1, 2021 and we’re here to tell you about the first episode! 

Season 3, Episode 1: Three Little Birds

The episode of Lost in Space begins with Judy (Taylor Russell) entering the Fortuna, the ship where she believes her father might be. Remarkably, she is able to power on the vessel that had been missing for over 20 years. Unfortunately, she is greeted by the floating corpse of Faith Carson, payload specialist, whom Judy recognized.

lost in space

She accessed some video footage on a monitor and was able to see the crew in their cryotubes. At the same time, the remaining Robinsons are hearing alarms and the ship is putting itself into autopilot and is preparing for landing in 90 seconds. Judy is still not on the ship.

Judy jumps from one ship to the other and as she almost skips off into space, Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) plucks Judy out of the air and into the ship just in time for it to prepare to land on the surface of the planet. 

lost in space

After the opening credits, it is revealed that 349 days have passed. Will (a way older Maxwell Jenkins) wakes from what appears to be a nightmare and is greeted by the robot standing by the door. Will then goes outside and we see Judy and Penny (Mina Sundwall) also outside. It appears that they have made a colony in the most habitable area they could find. 

Dr. Smith is now a school teacher and the colony is painstakingly mining for materials needed to repair the Jupiter and at this point, Will estimates they only have about 72% of what’s needed and the siblings seem to be estranged. Judy is seen working with the robot to try and contact a missing lander, but they have been unsuccessful. 

We then switch to the point of view of John Robinson (Toby Stevens) in the “Danger system” on the “unnamed rainforest planet” as he traverses through some brush with a team of people in the rain. The men are attempting to avoid robot patrols. They are trying to collect supplies from the crashed wreckage of the Resolute. One of the men is caught and killed immediately by a robot.

Back on the planet with the Robinson kids, Penny is hanging with Liam (Charles Vandervaart) and she shares that she’s not writing anymore. She tells him that she wants to live in the moment and the two share a kiss.

Will continues to work tirelessly refining titanium and we are shown that Dr. Smith (now Madame Smith) hasn’t changed as much as she appears and she harasses Will about how quickly he’s getting the repairs completed. 

The colony has alarms for meteor showers, which appears to be the only negative thing about the planet and the residents all hid in shelters except Penny and Liam. The meteors burned in the atmosphere and no one was in danger, this time. Judy chastises Penny for setting a bad example and not seeking safety in the shelters and Penny basically blows her off. 

Judy devises a plan to hike out 2 miles to retrieve titanium so Will can fix the ship before the meteors become too extreme for them to travel through. Because the planet isn’t the most hospitable, the team will have to use their spacesuits to tolerate the atmosphere where there’s a huge titanium deposit.

Back in the “Danger system” with John Robinson at the “sunshine base”, the adults are desperate to get out and find their children. The problem is they need a robot to use the robot navigation system and the robots don’t like the people.

It seems in the “Danger system” the adults are estranged as well. Maureen (Molly Parker) is kind of hiding in the trenches, learning to weld and having Don sign off on her work while John is hanging with the leadership, trying to come up with a plan to reunite with their kids. 

lost in space

Judy prepares for her quest so she can save the 97 children in her care and hopefully reunite with her parents. The Robinson children and the rest of their team are then shown climbing up the face of a cliff. Meanwhile “Madame” Smith tries to chat with the robot, but even with his knowledge of new words, he’s really not much of a talker anyway. 

Maureen and John catch up with each other and John tells Maureen that he was told they needed to clear out their kids’ rooms. Maureen refuses to talk about it and tells John that she needs to get some sleep because she has another shift in 6 hours. It’s clear that Maureen is broken without her children and she can’t even be in the same room with John. 

After camping on the face of a cliff, the team continues up the cliff and Vijay (Ajay Friese) falls. Because they have been following very strict safety protocols, he survived the fall, but he hurt his wrist and Liam was needed to take him back down to their colony while the Robinsons continued.

“Madame” Smith snooped around in WIll’s notebooks and said Will’s not such a hero after all. 

The Robinson kids continue their rock climbing and they share a moment, but Judy quickly refocuses them. While camping Penny discovers that Judy brought the radio receiver. Before they could finish their discussion about Judy finding her father, weird crablike bugs covered their tent and destroyed the land bridge that was connecting them to the cliff face. The kids decided to make themselves glider wings attached to their spacesuits so they could ride the updraft higher up so they could obtain the titanium they desperately need.

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The three hold hands and jump together. Initially, they fall, but after a few seconds, they fly up to a ledge. After the kids share another moment, Penny gives Judy the receiver and they agree that she can continue on to the summit and that Penny and Will would return to the colony with the titanium they need. 

Once back at the colony, Smith confronts Will about missing titanium and how he’s been lying and keeping them all there on the planet. Will admits she’s right and explains that the robots are looking for him and that they know him by name. 

lost in space

After she leaves, Will meets with the Robot and Will tells the robot that Smith believes Will is the person messing with the titanium ore, but we are shown that the Robot was dumping ore into a stream. It’s apparent that the Robot is still trying to protect Will. Will tells the Robot that once they get everyone safely to Alpha Centauri, the two of them will leave and draw the Robots away from his family. 

Back at the “Danger system” Maureen finds John agonizing over packing up their children’s belongings and the two share a tender moment.

lost in Space

At the colony Vijay strums on a guitar and sings Three Little Birds by Bob Marley as we scroll through Maureen and John together, Judy searching for a signal, Penny snuggling with Liam, and ultimately Judy DOES find a signal and John sees Maureen ready to take on her leadership role.

At the colony, the Robot watches a meteor hit and discovers a civilization, just as the episode ends. All episodes of Lost in Space are streaming on Netflix.


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