Little Caesars burns up TikTok in new campaign

Little Caesars

McKinney, the creative agency behind Little Caesars’ recent ‘Burn The Burns’ TikTok campaign, has set the digital world ablaze with its innovative approach.

The campaign, featuring the iconic Disaster Girl, achieved remarkable results, amassing 53.6 million views, including organic, boosted, and dark engagements. Little Caesars experienced significant growth on TikTok, gaining over 19,000 followers since the release of the campaign’s teaser video.

The ‘Burn The Burns’ campaign’s success is attributed to its unique approach and the inclusion of Disaster Girl, Zoë Roth, setting the burns on fire. McKinney’s creative director, Jameson Rossi, emphasized the goal of creating a fun and engaging campaign that sparks conversations. The campaign featured a thirty-foot pizza fire, brought an iconic meme to life, and incorporated heavy metal music.


This is what happens when you talk bad about our pizza.

♬ original sound – Little Caesars


“For us, getting Zoë (Disaster Girl) to be the host of this campaign was really the icing on top,” says McKinney creative director Jameson Rossi. “We wanted to make sure we weren’t hating on the haters but rather doing something fun with them that got people talking. And nothing gets people talking more than a thirty-foot pizza fire, bringing an iconic meme to life, and a lot of heavy metal music.”

McKinney’s work with Little Caesars has positioned the brand as a leader on TikTok, outperforming pizza brand competitors by an impressive 12 times in combined engagement.


BRAND: Little Caesars

  • Chief Marketing Officer: Greg Hamilton
  • Creative: Jaime Pescia
  • Brand Manager: Emily Stevens
  • Media Director: Joe Alleruzzo
  • Marketing Director: Carly Keidel
  • Communications Director: Jill Proctor

AGENCY: McKinney

  • Executive Creative Director: Lyle Yetman
  • Head of Design: Will Dean
  • Creative Directors: Jameson Rossi, Andrew Williams
  • Art Director: Jacq Quinton
  • Copywriter: Cooper Bowman
  • Account Director: Maggie Dietz
  • Account Manager: Maggie Baird
  • Strategy Directors: Justin Davis, Jessica Kingman, Kerry O’Connor
  • Strategist: Maggie Boulton
  • Community Manager: Meghan Woods


  • Director: Jordan Rodericks
  • Producer: Kate Rauber
  • Business Affairs Manager: Nicolette Kolb

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