Kinjaz wake up breakfast for McDonald’s


In case you haven’t noticed, there is an all out war going on. No, not talking Avengers: Endgame… for a change.

And I’m not talking about our current political climate. Okay, there is a war going on there. But that is not our subject for today.

We are talking breakfast, folks. The battle is real.

According to CNN Business, the breakfast category remains the only growth market for the fast-food industry. The report states that breakfast sales at fast-food restaurants rose 1% last year, but overall sales were flat.

McDonald’s has set out to celebrate some of its most iconic breakfast menu items, including the English McMuffin, made with a freshly-cracked USDA Grade A egg paired with extra lean Canadian bacon and a slice of melty American cheese on a warm toasted English muffin with real butter

Last month, the battle heated up even more as Dunkin’ unveiled two new breakfast bowl to lure hungry customers.

It looks tasty, but it ain’t the Kinjaz.

Who are they you ask? Only a LEGENDARY award-winning dance crew. The group formed in 2010, delivering memorable choreographies and skilled artistic expressions. Now, Los Angeles-based IW Group, led by CD Heather Hannash, has enlisted their help in creating a “breakfast-through” spot for McDonald’s.

Using the tagline, “Don’t sleep on breakfast,” we catch Kinjaz members Anthony Lee, Lawrence Kao, Vinh Nguyen, JD McElroy, and Justin Valles doing just that as they rhythmically sleepwalk into McDonald’s. Once they have a piping-hot delicious breakfast, they kind of well, sort of wake up! Watch the :30-second spot below:

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“Breakfast is an important part of the day for all Kinjaz members, and we’re honored to work with McDonald’s again, from our first local breakfast delivery for All Day Breakfast in 2015 to the current national campaign. It’s inspiring and uplifting to see McDonald’s continuing to support our community of talented and diverse performers,” said Kinjaz co-creator Anthony Lee, in a press release.

This is the third time the Kinjaz have worked with McDonald’s and also the second time this year the fast food giant has enlisted Asian American talent to star in and create the spot.

Earlier this year, K-pop idol Amber Liu and YouTuber Mike Bow teamed up to launch a McDonald’s “Classics with bacon” campaign. Their team-up for the promotion helped the golden arches beat analyst expectations for same-store-sales growth, rising 3%. This was also created by IW Group.

The Kinjaz also expanded their roles in this spot to encompass their DIY mentality as the creative not only showcases the unique sleepwalking style created by Kinjaz but also their original music, visual and creative direction, and production force.

The key team behind the scenes are Jon Shih and Gerald Nonato on visuals, Kinjaz co-founder Mike Song, manager LeeJ Razalan, and producer Addy Chan on production, all Asian Americans known for their extensive contributions to dance.

In addition to the spot, the group also released a behind-the-scenes video:

The intricate dance moves and freshness of the spot, not to mention featuring an all-Asian cast, is enough to give the Kinjaz and breakfast a Reel Ad of the Week.

Source: McDonald’s

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