Kia Motors introduces “The Great Unknowns” class

It’s hard to remember many of the spots from previous Super Bowls. Who are we kidding? It’s hard to remember the Super Bowl score unless your team won. That said, one spot the Reel 360 Team still remembers fondly came from Kia and agency David&Goliath.

2019 was the year Kia Motors America took an unconventional approach to the Super Bowl and eschewed celebrities like Steve Carell, Cardi B and Chance the Rapper for real people. Yeah, actual real people. And we thought it worked just swell.

The motor company celebrated the proud workers of Kia’s West Point Georgia plant who build the Telluride and embody the brand’s “Give It Everything” spirit — The Great Unknowns.

But it wasn’t just a spot without celebrities, Kia decided to take it a step further by repurposing money that could have been used for name talent and created “The Great Unknowns Scholarship” to help young people in need gain a foothold in higher education.

The goal was to discover and reward young Americans who embody the spirit of “Give It Everything,” and help them pursue their academic dreams.

Following through on its promise to support higher education for America’s youth, Kia announced the 16 recipients of The Great Unknowns Scholarship from across the U.S who were chosen based on financial need, academic performance and the demonstrable ways they made a difference by giving it everything within their local schools and communities. Watch the video introducing the students below:

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“Earlier this year, instead of using a high-priced celebrity in our Super Bowl ad, Kia chose to repurpose that money to discover and reward young Americans who embody our ‘Give It Everything’ philosophy,” said Michael Cole, president, Kia Motors America.

Recipients of The Great Unknowns Scholarship are enrolled at a variety of colleges and universities, including Harvard University; University of Alabama, Huntsville; New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; University of Texas, San Antonio; Duke University; and the University of Pennsylvania.

“We are honored to help these talented and ambitious students further their education and we’re excited to see what their futures hold,” Cole added.

Their fields of study range from economics and computer science to public policy, neuroscience and aerospace engineering.

With these varied pedigrees, the Reel 360 team believes this class of “Great Unknowns” will be recognized very soon.

SOURCE: Kia Motors of America