Kamala Harris swats last night’s debate

Donald Trump turned to the news this morning, downplaying his health, coronavirus, the pandemic, and deflecting that he infected thirty-four people in the White House. He did however, take the time to praise Mike Pence who is the head of Coronavirus Task Force while he stood behind double sided plexiglass with his misogynistic/homophobic opinions, and using religion as a weapon.

When it came to Kamala Harris, he turned to Fox News and called Senator Harris, a ‘Monster.’ Is she a monster, because she stood up against a white man, or was it because she revealed the truth to Americans what the Trump administration has been hiding from them this whole time – how dangerous they in fact are. 

This isn’t the first time Donald Trump has verbally attacked a dominant woman whom he is threatened by. During the 2016 presidential race, he referred to Hillary Clinton as a “Nasty Woman.” Trump and Pence’s behavior mimic what women face daily. If anyone was ever doubtful of what powerful women surrounded by men in the workplace look like, last night’s debate was a reminder. 

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Kamala Harris was forced to repeatedly reclaimed her stolen time with“ I’m speaking.” Again, and again, Harris had to keep calm and collected and not come off as “an angry Black Woman.”

Men like Mike Pence and Donald Trump are the type that seek to insult and dehumanize women. Kamala handled the cards she was dealt with and used her power for good, while Mike Pence only proved he never let’s a woman finish. 

At one point during the debate, a welcome comedy relief set in, when a fly landed and remained on the vice president’s head for over two minutes, at some point people were convinced it was dead. Was it Jeff Goldblum? or could the fly smell someone rotting lies from this administration.

Many took to social media, unable to resist weighing in with memes and jokes.

Last night, Harris beat stereotypes by proving she can be a powerful, strong woman of color and address sensitive subjects, without screaming and talking over people ala Trump and Mike Pence.

She was connected with Shirley Chisholm’s known campaign slogan, “unbossed” in a country that always finds ways to punish powerful women.

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Jessica Velle is writer from Los Angeles, CA. She focuses on shining a light on culturally diverse stories.