‘Avenger’ Renner trades in arrow for mic in Jeep spots


I did not know Hawkeye could sing.

Avengers: Endgame, Mission Impossible and Bourne star, Jeremy Renner, is now not only featured on screen in a new Jeep brand television campaign that but in the audio as well as all three spots use the actor’s music tracks.

Thanks to Chicago boutique agency HighDive, I now know different.

Along with the three spots, the Jeep brand worked in unison with Renner and director Jeff Tomsic (Spy Guys) to simultaneously film the Jeep brand campaign and the official music video launching Renner’s single “Main Attraction,” in addition to Renner’s documentary project that charts his music pursuits.

The campaign broke across TV, digital and social channels yesterday and are now currently streaming.

In “Party | Main Attraction,” Renner breaks free from the confines of a stuffy Hollywood black-tie affair in search of freedom and the chance to pursue new possibilities where community, freedom and music rule. When he finds it, he takes the mic at a packed summer roadhouse.

“Diner | Nomad” begins with Renner sitting at a diner writing music. The artist then imagines himself on a road trip, inspiring the lyrics to a song.

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“For consumers, owning a Jeep brand vehicle isn’t about just one defining attribute. It’s not just about the off-road capability of a Jeep Gladiator or the open-air freedom of a Wrangler or even the luxury of a Grand Cherokee, because all of those vehicles can be all of those things – the Jeep brand is the ultimate SUV brand, it defies labels. The same can be said about Jeremy Renner,” said Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA.

“Ride Swap | Sign:” In an engaging interaction between Jeremy and his fans, Jeremy trades his stale tour bus for the free-spirited, open-air freedom of a Jeep Wrangler.

Francois adds about Renner, “He’s not just the on-screen action hero. He is a true Renaissance man with talents that go well beyond acting, as he continues to show us with the introduction of his new music, which is authentic, honest rock n’ roll, and aligns with the same spirit and philosophy of the Jeep brand. Designed to celebrate a great American talent, this campaign is one of FCA’s biggest creative endeavors that is driven by a shared vision, passion and performance.”

The spots are entertaining and the songs are surprisingly legit. Who needs a Quinjet when you have a Jeep?

Client: Jeep

Agency: HighDive

Production Company: Go Films
   Director: Jeff Tomsic

Editorial: Cutters
   Editors: Tim Lodolce, Nick Chiou, Michael Lippert, Billy Montross

Audio: Another Country
   Peter Erazmus, Erik Widmark, John Binder

Color: Flavor
   Steve Wood

Finish: of Flavo
   Steve Wood, Patrick Kujawski, Chris Elliott, Mark Anderson, Patrick Wong

Source: Tracy Bernard

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