Kia Stinger GTS runs with wild horses in west Texas


I don’t remember much about Super Bowl LIII, The Eagles weren’t playing and some team from New England won again, but I do remember the fab Kia spot from El Segundo’s David&Goliath.

As a refresher, the story was about the largely unknown West Georgia town—West Point. The spot highlighted the builders and families of Kia’s plant to announce its new Telluride SUV. In turn, we saw the divide between rural and urban America in its most clear-cut form. The spot ended with Kia’s current platform, Give It Everything.

Building on the mostly positive responses, the tough vistas of West Texas emerged as the perfect setting for the brand’s next chapter.

Shot in and around Marfa, Texas, the campaign sets Kia’s newly-introduced Stinger GTS against the beautiful and inhospitable expanse of West Texas.

Titled, “Outlaw,” and directed Prettybird’s Max Malkin, we encounter a rare breed of horse. The kind ranchers call “unbreakable.” Fueled by an endless supply of fury, nothing is able to earn the respect of this beast.

Until it encounters an equally rare creature – a bright orange Stinger GTS. We hear an announcer say, “There are crazy horses. Outlaw horses. Horses that won’t abide a pasture fence. Or live at the end of a rope. And it’s not about showing that horse who’s boss. It’s about showing that horse who’s more crazy.”

The two part ways. And rejoin their own worlds, briefly stopped by the recognition they find in each other. Watch the :60-second spot below:

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“Since we introduced the Telluride and our new brand positioning, Give It Everything, it has turned the toughest naysayers into the strongest believers,” said David Angelo, founder and chairman of David&Goliath. “The Stinger is no exception. We gave it everything and then some. People now stand behind the quality and performance of Kia like never before. But even more so, they can relate to the spirit of a brand that gives it everything. That spirit is the crazy horse in all of us.”

The first of several spots launched Tuesday. Can’t wait to see more.

Client: Kia

Agency: David&Goliath
   David Angelo Founder & Chairman
   Yumi Prentice President
   Bobby Pearce Chief Creative Officer
   Mark Koelfgen Executive Creative Director/Copywriter
   Frauke Tiemann Group Creative Director/Art Director
   John O’Hea Group Creative Director/Art Director
   Steve Clarke Group Creative Director/Copywriter
   Stephanie Kohnen Creative Director/Art Director
   Chris Park Senior Art Director
   Caleb Nyberg Copywriter
   Peter Watson Junior Art Director
   Paul Albanese Managing Director, Broadcast Production
   Rob Sondik Senior Broadcast Producer
   Cara Nieto Executive Art Producer
   Natasha Royzina Director, Business Affairs
   Amy Santana Associate Business Affairs Manager
   Renee Welch Head of Strategy
   Donesh Olyaie Group Strategy Director
   Jeff Cannata Communications Planning Director
   Jasmine Spraglin Senior Strategist
   Genie Lara Associate Director of Project Management
   Paul Stephens Senior Project Manager
   Amanda Bercovitch Project Manager
   Nina Pena Senior Creative Resource Manager
   Jeff Moohr Managing Director
   Jay Mattingly Account Director
   Kylie Lemasters Management Supervisor
   Salim Collins Account Coordinator
   Nick Janner Account Coordinator
   Russ Wortman Product Information Manager
   Peter Bassett Managing Director, Integrated Production & Technology Services
   Justine Kleeman Executive Digital Producer
   Genevieve Shah Digital Producer
   Sarah Masket Management Supervisor, Digital
   Gabriella Mourad Account Executive, Digital

Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
   Max Malkin Director
   Ali Brown Vice-President/Executive Producer
   Rika Osenberg Head of Production
   Matt Wersinger Line Producer
   Max Malkin Director of Photography
   Christian Kastner Production Designer
   Ginger Griffice Location Manager

Editorial Company: Spinach
   Charlie Harvey, Courtesy of Whitehouse Editor
   Jonathan Carpio Executive Producer
   Patricia Gushikuma Post Producer

VFX: A52
   Andy Barrios FX Supervisor/Lead Flame
   Urs Furrer FX Supervisor/Lead Flame
   Serena Noorani Senior VFX Producer
   Patrick Nugent & Kim Christensen Executive Producers

Music and Sound Design: Barking Owl
   Kelly Bayett Creative Director
   Morgan Johnson Sound Designer
   Ashley Benton Producer

Source: David&Goliath

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