Jack in the Box has full house with animated ‘Fuel House’


When clients, and ad agencies for that matter, talk about creating branded content, they don’t always understand that branded content is just that… content.

Which means entertainment first and foremost with the brand naturally integrated.

Most of the time it doesn’t really work, mainly because brands and brand managers (and some creatives for that matter) can’t really grasp the concept. It becomes just a long-form spot. Oh, they may think it’s a success, but 9 times out of 10, they are just talking to themselves with maybe 127 views on YouTube.

That, however, is not the case with this new Jack in the Box campaign from its AOR David&Goliath. The two have successfully created content that supports Jack in the Box’s presence in the rapidly growing esports industry, while also being entertaining AF.

So, what else would you call a series that focuses on members of the Dallas Fuel, Team Envy’s official Overwatch League esports team, living with ol’ Jack?

You got it, Fuel House. Nope, doesn’t star either The Olsen Twins or Lori Laughlin.

Each episode, created by animation company Roger, of the six-part series features specific themes related to the Dallas Fuel team, gaming and pop culture, that provide layers of relatability and entertainment.

One episode sees the players plan an overly ambitious festival on a remote island doomed for failure, another sees them discussing their movie-like superpower ability, while a third features a robot that rises up against its human creators, reminiscent of the omni crisis from Overwatch.

Knowing the one thing that esports fans want most is access to pro players, their heroes, David&Goliath made the first four episodes center around a specific players from Dallas Fuel. Watch below:

The series was apparently timed to coincide with a major event hosted by Dallas Fuel on April 26-27. This event was the first Overwatch League stage held outside of its traditional home in Burbank, California. Jack in the Box brought Fuel House to the event with an interactive experience for fans.

From kick-off to the airing of episode one, audience research, strategic development, media planning and creative development took about 3 months in total, and then production took about 10 weeks.

“We know the esports audience isn’t watching TV commercials, we know they expect to be entertained and we know they are proud of the space the esports community has created,” said Bobby Pearce, CCO of D&G. “We worked extensively with Dallas Fuel players to understand their personalities, demeanors, likes and dislikes so we could play that back to the fans. This campaign demonstrates a deep understanding of the audience, and positions Jack in the Box as an esports fan-favorite.”

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“The Fuel House campaign, created with our sponsors, Jack in the Box and their ad agency David&Goliath, sets a new high-water mark for non-endemic esports campaigns,” said Mike Rufail, founder and CEO of Dallas Fuel and Envy Gaming. “We’re thrilled that our players are the stars of the show, and that our fans enjoy it more than anyone.”

The series also features some interesting voice talent as well.

Born in Seoul and fluent in Korean, James turned himself into OGE’s vocal twin. He’s appeared as a voice actor in Adventure Time and a long list of video games including Call of Duty. He’s well known for his role on NBC’s Heroes

Albert is a Korean American voice actor recently nominated for a Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle award for his performance in Vietgone.

Brian is fluent in Thai, of Thai descent, and a graduate of USC’s theater program.

Greg is a seasoned voice actor known for his work in video games and an experienced composer and music producer. He’s even voiced characters for many Blizzard IP’s including Overwatch.

The integrated campaign includes digital and experiential, social and .com, endemic and non-endemic elements to create a season-long program that meets millennial gaming fans where they are.

New episodes drop each Sunday on multiple digital and social platforms like Gamespot, Reddit and XBOX.

Client: Jack n’ The Box

Agency: David&Goliath, LA
   Founder & Chairman: David Angelo
   Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pearce
   Executive Creative Director: Steve Yee
   CD / Art Director: Sheldon Melvin
   CD / Copywriter: Matt Kappler
   Art Director: Anna Andreen
   Copywriter: Eddie Klein
   Account Director: Richard Henderson
   Account Supervisor: Petra Pinsani
   Senior Strategist: Janet Shih
   Senior Project Manager: Amy Chiang
   Director of Broadcast Production: Paul Albanese
   Agency Executive Producer: Kara Pierce
   Agency Senior Producer: Jane Krull
   Executive Creative Director: Terry Lee
   Creative Director: Dane Macbeth
   Executive Producer: Josh Libitsky
   Head of Production: Liz Catullo
   Director of Business Development: Anne Pendola
   Producer: Addie Stevenson

Animation: ROGER LA
   Animation Director: Jake Portman
   Designers: Roger LA
   Animators: Roger LA
   Storyboard Artists: Roger LA

Source: David&Goliath

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