It’s all that jazz for State Farm’s Bath Bomb Sesh

State Farm
(Courtesy TMA)

The last time Jake from State Farm and Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Patrick Mahomes teamed up, it was a personal confession session where Mahomes shared very personal information about his post-game recovery method.  It was his attempt to qualify for State Farm’s new Personal Price Plan.

The end of the spot, “Bath Bomb,” also introduced a jazzy new character, Jeff The Equipment Manager, complete with mullet and jazzy saxophone. 

The spot became such a hit among viewers, as they took to social media to voice their likes and the need for a relaxing “Jazz Bath” of their own:

Now, State Farm and its creative agency partner, TMA (The Marketing Arm) came up with an idea to extend this excitement by producing a special CD — “Jazz Bath:  The Bath Bomb Sessions” — which is now available to consumers for free while supplies last at

The CD features six original songs which are currently streaming on Spotify.  There’s even a specially produced online video to help promote the CD, which includes a Jazz Bath Hotline (1-866-JAZZ-BATH):

The specially developed CD, supported by an infomercial-like video, would be of interest to your readers.  Not only is it timely (holiday season), but it’s also a clever demonstration of how a brand/agency partnership can capitalize on a moment to create cultural resonance for a brand.


State Farm – CLIENT

  • Alyson Griffin – Marketing Vice President
  • Patty Morris – AVP Marketing
  • Katie Dundas – AVP Marketing
  • Clinton Inselmann – Group Creative Director
  • Tim Thomas – Senior Producer, Marketing
  • Andrew Freeman – Marketing Analyst
  • Morgan Pulliam – Marketing Analyst
  • Ciarra Kohn – Marketing Analyst
  • Sara Brondell – Marketing Analyst
  • Rachael Risinger – PR Brand Strategist
  • Amanda Parker – PR Brand Strategist

The Marketing Arm (TMA) – Agency

  • Harris Wilkinson – Chief Creative Officer
  • Dave Wasserman – SVP, Creative
  • Patrick O’Brien – EP, Production
  • Johnny Fitsimmons – VP, Account Services
  • Matt Olson – Creative Director
  • Jonathan Ozer – Creative Director
  • Josh Johnson – Senior Art Director
  • Chloe Rockel – Senior Copywriter
  • Bailey Robillard – Account Supervisor
  • Rachel Lui – Sr. Account Executive
  • Ellen O’Donnell – Associate Director, BA
  • CMC/Forecast, Inc. – SAG Signatory
  • Carolina Clifford – Production Manager
  • Christopher Chee – Onset Representative

Gifted Youth, LLC – Production Company

  • Jake Szymanski – Director
  • Josh Morse – Executive Producer
  • Cat Craven-Griffiths – Head of Production
  • Stephan Mohammed – Producer

Cutters – EDIT

  • John Dingfield – Editor
  • Patrick Casey – Executive Producer

Yessian – MUSIC

  • Gerard Smerek – Global Creative Director, Producer, and mixer
  • Chris Plansker – Composer
  • Michael Yessian – Head Of Production
  • Brian Yessian – CCO