‘Iridion 3D,’ ‘Iridion II’ set for PC gaming

Liquid Media Group Ltd.’s gaming division,  Majesco Entertainment announced the upcoming launch of Iridion 3D and its sequel, Iridion II, December 12, 2019 on Steam for PC.

Additional titles in Liquid’s Retro Reboot initiative are slated to be announced as the Company advances ongoing development and launch schedules.

“With the re-release of our two classic games, Liquid is positioning itself as a player to watch in the fast-growing retro gaming space,” says Daniel Cruz, Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of Liquid Media. “Rapid change in the video game industry creates new opportunities. With recent and upcoming services such as Google Stadia and Apple Arcade driving the subscription model, we see tremendous opportunity to monetize retro IP while delivering great stories to gamers.”

Heralded for their boundary-pushing, pre-rendered 3D graphics and soundtracks, the Iridion space fighter shooter games will be available on Steam individually for USD$12.99 or as a package for USD$19.99.

In 2000, the year Iridion 3D launched, total revenue for the Global Video Game Industry was USD$43 billion, with PC gaming accounting for USD$9 billion (or 21%); since then the market has more than tripled in size, reaching USD$138.5 billion in 2018.

With estimates reaching a possible market size of USD$300 billion by 2025, Liquid continues sees to see the explosive potential for the great intellectual property (IP) in its gaming portfolio, with growing demand for both new and retro titles.

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The Iridion franchise launched with Iridion 3D as one of the premiere titles for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance system in 2001, with estimated combined sales of USD$10 million.

It was soon followed by Iridion II in 2003. Both were well received by players and critics, with special praise for the games’ leading-edge visuals, outstanding soundtrack, intelligent shootings system and intuitive interface.

“We look forward to exploring other games in our catalog for future re-release. Iridion 3D and Iridion II will now reach new generations of gamers while giving retro-game-loving consumers an opportunity to play them on contemporary platforms,” says Jesse Sutton, CEO of Majesco Entertainment.

SOURCE: Liquid Media