Intrinsic Wine: graffiti artist tapped for new Sauv Blanc

(Today is National Wine Day)

Working with a graffiti artist in the wine industry is not common practice unless you’re IntrinsicWine Co. On the heels of last year’s successful “Challenge Everything” campaign, which introduced Intrinsic’s unique look and feel, the brand is digging deeper into its street art aesthetic to launch its new line of Sauvignon Blanc, with the help of its agency partner Team One

Intrinsic is well-known for its exceptionally complex red wines, and the brand wanted to complement those rich reds with a vibrant white wine option.

This fresh and lively Sauvignon Blanc filled with bright grapefruit and eucalyptus with refreshing minerality. The crisp acidity and tropical fruit notes make this an ideal wine for easy summer drinking.  

Inspired by how this new varietal is ‘born of the city’ – aged in a combination of oak, steel, and concrete – Team One took its cues from city landscapes when branding this new line, breaking from traditional label designs and tapping a street artist who also embodies the challenger mentality. 

“Intrinsic was born out of an idea to challenge everything in the wine world – from how we approach crafting our wines, to the labels on our bottles, and where and how we show up in the world. Our labels for the Cabernet and Red Blend were created in partnership with street artist ZIMER. Inspired by the urban landscape and the wine within, the labels are striking and unexpected. We wanted to continue that approach with our first Sauvignon Blanc,” says Amanda Wygal, Director of Marketing, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.

After a long search process, the team partnered with one of the pioneers of urban art in Denver, Noah Baker (TUKE), giving him free reign to design something unique. TUKE ended up spray painting a wall in Denver – that art was then captured and is now what appears on the new labels.

“TUKE blended his unique style of street art with the bright acidity and zingy tropical fruit of our Sauvignon Blanc. You can see that come to life on the label through the vibrant greens, pinks and blues; while the abstract wild-style design hints both at the racy acidity and at a modern urban landscape,” adds Wygal. Watch below:

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“When INTRINSIC Wine Co. says it’s a wine born of the city, they mean it. The process for developing their new Sauvignon Blanc not only involves aging in wood casks but also concrete and steel—the same elements used within the framework of our cities,” added, Team One Creative Director, Jim Darling, a street artist himself.

Just in time for National Wine Day today (5.25), the new line is available on elicit.wines today and will be available in-stores across the Pacific Northwest and Colorado in early June. See attached for photos of the new label, Intrinsic’s current line, and TUKE in front of the wall in Denver


CLIENT: Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Director of Marketing: Amanda Wygal

AGENCY: Team One

  • Creative Director: Jim Darling
  • Creative Director: Ryan Durr
  • Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves
  • Executive Creative Director: Jason Stinsmuehlen
  • Chief Executive Officer: Julie Michael
  • Group Account Director: Emily Krueger
  • Account Supervisor: Elliott Klein
  • Project Manager: Kaitlyn Ha
  • Print Producer: David Voliva