INTERVIEW: Why streaming network Vyre is on fire

(l-r: David Hill, Lamar Seay)

When True Magazine founder, David Hill teamed with his Chief Editor Lamar Seay, to create streaming network, VYRE, in October 2019, they launched with 200 projects.

Their goal – to have 5,000 projects available for streaming, 10 niche channels with engaging content, and have the VYRE App on all of the top streaming consoles.

Now, 3 years and a global pandemic later, their dream has grown to 18 niche channels, while acquiring the rights to stream 12,079+ projects by partnering with various libraries, studios, and gatekeepers in the industry.

The VYRE App is also positioned for success on the key streaming consoles Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, IOS, Smart TV, and Android.

With the streamer’s growing popularity and tagline, “Streaming Culture,” this seemed like an appropriate time for Reel 360 News to chat with Hill and Seay about their venture.

What is VYRE’s origin story?  

Lamar and I started VYRE because we saw that our media company was losing money from our websites and the platforms was getting less and less traction. Social media pages are the new websites. So, in order to survive in media, we had to adapt or follow the trends. We saw what Hulu and Pluto were doing and said we can do that.

And we did.  

Are you brave, crazy, or savvy to get into a market loaded with streamers?  

When we started 3 years ago there was a lot, but not as many as now. Everyone believes they can do it and be successful. But the industry is shifting.

There are too many out there and no one wants to have a $150 a month subscription tab just for streaming movies and shows. Our method from day one was to be different. We wanted VYRE to be free, easy to connect with, and watch. We don’t want the viewing experience to be a hassle. We have over 12,000 films and shows licensed to us which sets us apart from the others.

Who is VYRE’s target audience?  

We have niches so we don’t have one target. VYRE has niche channels that stream content for everyone. That’s why our tag line is #streamingculture.  

Sports seems to be one of the few reasons we still have four traditional broadcast networks. How do you see live sports fitting into VYRE’s culture?  

Live Sports are the only reasons why traditional broadcast networks are still relevant. Our live stream sports are a key part of VYRE. Not too many streaming companies have live sports. We do. We have football, boxing, and basketball now with our BIG3 deal.  

What is VYRE providing in content that other streamers aren’t?  

We are providing that content that is big, but Hollywood won’t put the funds behind it to make it a blockbuster. So VYRE is that place to really premiere your movie around the world.  

With its two founders being people of color, do you see an area of growth in satisfying the viewing habits of BIPOC people?  

Not too many people, really know that VYRE is Black-owned. That’s just now coming out. We have had people saying Ohh! I couldn’t tell it was Black-owned.

VYRE has been through trends with content consumption. It really depends on what’s going on in the world and where it is. But to answer the question our urban-focused content adds. We are looking to produce concepts and stories that most companies walk away from. We are worried about that. Go check out Killtopia on VYRE Shorts and you can see for yourself.  

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What shows are you most excited about?  

I’m excited to go to original production with Killtopia, and Swipe Right and our big deal we have coming out that I can’t announce now. That content will be home-run hits. Overall, our content gets the job done. Shows that pop to mind is Good After Bad, Hello Forever and Brooklyn Rules. 

What is VYRE’s superpower?  

That we have the biggest market of consumers watching and creators wanting to create content with us. We’re not amateurs and we’re not Marvel. We’re in the middle lane of the world and now we’re public-traded 

Who is doing a good job streaming in your opinion? 

Really Hulu is taking things to the next level. VYRE sees it… 

Predict VYRE’s future! Where are you in 5 years? 

VYRE will be one of the titan streaming platforms that are global. We are already in 181 countries but our footprint in US, Mexico, Africa, India, Asian Pacific, and UK will be enormous.  

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Colin Costello is the West Coast Editor of Reel 360. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter at @colinthewriter1