Marvel fan suits up with Ist Iron Man-Inspired Hyundai

Why was it not me?

And I hate you, Matthew Conway. The hate is real.

Last month, Hyundai, in partnerhship with Marvel, celebrated its first Kona Iron Man Edition delivery to Matthew Conway, an Air Force veteran from Florida.

Conway picked up his new Stark-inspired SUV at Hyundai of Wesley Chapel in Florida to become the first customer to drive off in the new Kona Iron Man Edition.

“My wife bought a Hyundai Kona a couple months ago and it was everything I wanted for myself, especially the size,” said Conway. “I heard about the Kona Iron Man Edition when it was debuted at Comic Con. The matte gray and red color scheme already had me sold, but being the Marvel and Iron Man fan that I am, I had to be the first to get it.”

The Kona Iron Man Edition features both exterior and interior design elements that both closely resemble and give an appreciative nod to the iconic Iron Man suit. The Kona Iron Man Edition is a true collector’s item available to customers via a limited global production run.

On the outside, the Kona Iron Man Edition has a unique front-lighting signature, including a custom daytime running light form that closely resembles the facemask and eye shape of the Iron Man suit. This shape is immediately recognizable and is one of the key design inspirations for Kona.

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Besides the front and rear fascia designs and unique lighting signature, front-fender Iron Man mask badging, custom 18-inch alloy wheels with Iron Man mask center caps, and a dark chrome front grille. The exterior color is an exclusive Iron Man matte gray that was created to match Iron Man’s first suit, with red accents.

Inside, Tony Stark’s signature adorns the instrument panel alongside a unique Iron Man shift lever knob, a special Heads-Up Display and center stack featuring Iron Man visual graphics, and a custom seat design.

Conway is an Air Force vet, so I can’t hate him too much. But I can be jealous AF. Hyundai, if you happen to come out with a Captain America-inspired Kona, hook a journalist up.

Source: Hyundai

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