Howard Stern shares thoughts on leaked SCOTUS Roe v Wade opinion

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Warning: strong language. Shock jock radio host Howard Stern has never been afraid to share his opinion and he sure has a lot of opinions about the leaked majority draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito which appears to claim that there are Supreme Court Justices who are considering overturning Roe v. Wade, which has kept basic abortion rights legal since its 1973 ruling.

The shocking document was shared on May 2 and has already triggered impromptu women’s marches all across the country. 

On May 3rd, the very next day, Stern decided to use his public platform to blast the justices for their ignorant, backwoods opinions. He said, “I got the good news this morning about a women’s right to choose being overturned and I just was livid.”

He continued, “This all started because of this f**king Electoral College. I’ve got a real problem with this idea, the concept that the majority of the people in the United States do not get what they want.”

“If guys got raped and pregnant, there’d be abortions available on every corner. Every street corner, a different clinic that would take care of the problem,” he said.

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Co-host Robin Quivers added, “They would be as plentiful as Porta johns. Just go in, get your abortion, and come out.”

Stern continued, “How women would vote for this agenda is beyond me. Who the hell wants to carry a baby that you do not want? And again, the people who carry these babies who don’t want them don’t raise these kids and then we’re stuck with them.”

“The people who are anti-abortion, they don’t give to charity, they don’t raise these kids. I don’t know who they think is going to raise them,” he added. “Men were ready to tear this country down because we asked them to wear a mask, let alone have some baby they don’t want.”

“How did we get to this point,” Stern continued. “How much more are we going to take? How much more of this bullshit, that some hillbilly in South Dakota gets a more important vote ‘cause he lives in South Dakota. Let me tell you something. Here’s what I say. All the unwanted children should be allowed to live at the Supreme Court building with those Justices and they should raise every one of those babies. That crackpot Clarence Thomas and that wife and all of them. They can raise those babies that they want.”

Howard Stern has made his home on Sirius XM since January 2006 and shows are archived and are available on Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices. It’s also possible that portions of the segment could be shared on his official YouTube channel

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