Hennessy Paradis with Alicia Keys, Lang Lang

(Alicia Keys in new Hennessy campaign)

The latest campaign for Hennessy Paradis, brought together by design and communications agency GoodPeopleWander, is a poetic celebration of the bliss found in perfect harmony, and inspired by the majesty of nature.

‘Paradis on Earth’ is a deep-ranging collaboration that explores the meeting of minds between the virtuoso talents of Alicia Keys and Lang Lang, bringing together the shared values of culture and beauty for a moment of pure emotion, sensation and contemplation. 

Paradise lies in moments suspended in bliss – a universal celebration of harmony and the “raison d’être” for Hennessy’s crown jewel of cognac, Paradis. On this journey, Hennessy Paradis returns to its inspirational beginnings grounded in music.

The film series, shot in Utah and directed by RSA Films’ Neels Castillon, reflects the intricate elegance of Hennessy’s craft in a musical voyage for the mind and soul, which blends the joy of music and poetry, with the bliss of nature. 

Seated at two pianos, in the stunning remote desert setting of Paradis Canyon, the legendary artists unleash the power of their shared musical inspirations, taking the first steps on an incredible journey towards Paradis, with music and poetry composed by Alicia Keys, and layered by Lang Lang. Watch below:


“When thinking about harmony, I envision how beautiful it is to be able to stack one sonic on top of another, and how there are so many notes in between that create a beautiful expression of a melody that couldn’t exist without the other,” said Keys. “It’s so cool to be able to play together for what it represents. We grew up on different sides of the planet, but we were able to come together and understand each other through harmony, music, passion and bliss, to create the feeling of ‘Paradis on Earth.’”

In addition to the films, stills were captured by legendary art and fashion photographer Viviane Sassen, with BTS films from Black Dog Films director duo MOM – diving into the richness and authenticity of the creative collaboration between Alicia Keys and Lang Lang, exploring both their own connections with nature and culture, and their shared artistic values.

The online campaign provided an opportunity for GoodPeopleWander founders Aurélie Gaillard and Loïc Le Bihan to bring to life their vision of an open and collaborative creative process, by combining creative wanderers (creative producer Carla Bradley, art directors Sion Phillips and Hanna Labeyrie and copywriter Jethro Turner) and creative talents (Neels Castillon, Viviane Sassen, MOM, Imruh Asha, produced by the Ridley Scott Creative Group’s RSA Films) to craft authentic cultural contents. 

Embarking on their journey of unity, common understanding and positive change, Alicia Keys and Lang Lang enter into a dynamic dance of musical spirits and notes, blending backgrounds and influences in the pursuit of true beauty to celebrate the unrivaled savoir-faire of Hennessy Paradis. Polishing the pure magic that nature has sculpted, and imbued with the power of art, music and poetry, Paradis reaches for the sublime. 


CLIENT – Hennessy

  • Editions Rares Director – Alice Dietlin
  • Editions Rares Marketing Director – Charlotte Joyeux
  • Paradis Senior Global Marketing Manager – Marie Cessot
  • Paradis Brand Manager – Vanille Moretti

AGENCY – GoodPeopleWander 

  • Co-Founder / Creative Director – Loic Le Bihan
  • Co-Founder / Strategy Director – Aurelie Gaillard
  • Senior Art Directors – Sion Phillips and Hanna Labeyrie
  • Agency Producer – Carla Bradley


  • Director – Neels Castillon (RSA Films)
  • Photographer – Viviane Sassen 
  • BTS Directors & photographers/Social Media Unit – MOM (Black Dog Films) 
  • Music – Alicia Keys / Lang Lang
  • Producer – Holly Wolfers
  • Executive Producer – Debbie Garvey
  • DOP – Olan Collardy
  • RSA US Executive Producer- John Nguyen
  • RSA US Producer -Jil Hardin
  • UK Production Manager – Boris Franchi
  • UK Production Manager – Lily Moore
  • Stylist – Imruh Asha 
  • Tailor -Anh Duong
  • Production Designer – Jay Pooley
  • Hero Film Editor – Sebastien Rouquet 
  • Hero Film Colourist – Sebastien Mingam 
  • Motion Palace Producer – Louis Arnoux
  • VFX Supervisor – Cyril Chantereault
  • Flame Artist – Vivien Salvagione
  • After Effects Artist  – Mael Gaumont
  • Nightshift Producer – Eleonore Courcoux
  • BTS Editor – Jorge Sandoval
  • BTS Colourist – Dante Pasquinelli at Ethos Studio


  • Head Of Music & Sound – Grégoire Musso 
  • Music & Sound Producer – Heather MacFarlane 
  • Sound Design & Mix – Loïc Canevet 

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